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Swimming Scholarship Times Take Recruits Farther

The college swimming season is about to start and the NCAA swimming recruiting period is under way. Many athletes in the recruiting process will come across advice that instructs them to have a highlight video of their game play. For many sports, a highlight video is crucial to getting recruited. But for some sports, like college […]

Learn How Track and Field Colleges Recruit Athletes

As a recruiting resource, our job is to get you the necessary information to help you get ahead during your college recruitment process. At this point you should already know we have an vast supply of material for you to refer to during your recruitment. We are also here to make sure you are aware of […]

The Early Signing Period for College Sports Starts Today

NCAA Begins their Early Signing Period For those senior athletes in the recruiting process, today is a big day! Today marks the beginning of the early signing period for many NCAA sports. That means that recruits who have been offered scholarships or who have verbally committed to a school are allowed to officially sign their […]

Seniors: This is What You Must Do Now to Find a Scholarship

Seniors, time is closing in on your last high school year; there is no time to waste! If you’ve been working on your sports recruitment throughout your high school career you will have an easier time organizing and securing a college spot. If you know you want to attend college, but haven’t been doing as […]

What Every Recruit Should Know About Finding a Soccer Scholarship

Soccer has become the most popular youth sport in the U.S. Boys and girls alike have started playing soccer as young as possible and have joined thousands of other kids in soccer competition. This means that soccer players have been playing for at least several years by the time they reach high school. And for […]

What You Need to do Once Your Fall Season is Finished

If you compete in a fall sport then you’ve probably spent that last few months training, practicing, and competing almost every day. And when you’ve got that on top of school and other responsibilities, you’ve probably also managed to stay pretty busy. But just because your schedule has slowed down, it doesn’t mean your recruiting should. There is no off-season in […]

Trick or Treat? What Your Favorite Candy Can Teach You About Recruiting

The college sports recruiting process continues to get more and more complicated each year. There are new rules, methods for contact, and tons of new coaches and athletes. The recruiting process can end up as a tricky venture if you don’t know what you are doing. If you want to get the most out of […]

Start Getting Recruited Early to Increase Your Chances

Potential college recruits should be aware of the ever-changing college coaching shuffle. If you keep up with college sports you know what I mean. College coaches are either looking for better coaching opportunities, or can be “let-go” for not improving their team’s record. Some college coaches are always on the move, which is why recruits […]

Getting Recruited to a Top College Program

You’ve all seen it, top college bound recruits being fussed over by college coaches, sports writers, college analysts and even college sports fans. As a mid-level recruit you may feel too intimated by all the attention and not feel you have what it takes to make it at a top college, therefore you leave your […]

These Simple Tips Will Help You Find the Best College to Play For

It’s worth it to get your information out to as many college coaches as possible, because you will increase your chances of getting recruited and more coaches will know who you are. It sounds like a win-win right? Not exactly. Coaches who see you have potential will show interest, so make sure you know what […]

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