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College Scholarships For Less Popular sports

Great opportunities at lower participation rate sports

Do college athletes in sports outside of football or basketball get any scholarship money?

Football and basketball players seemingly get all the headlines and all the scholarships. Making matters worse, in order to compete in these sports, a student-athlete has to be a behemoth with blazing speed and mad hops. But there is hope for the rest of us, as a higher percentage of student-athletes who play less popular sports, like lacrosse, ice hockey, swimming and baseball, in high school end up playing those sports in college, according to NCAA Research.
Also, excluding football, which requires the most players on a team, there are six more lower-participation sports where student-athletes have a better chance of competing in college than basketball. For women, the news is even better, since seven sports have a better rate of playing in college than men’s football. That includes women’s ice hockey, where 23.4% of high school players end up suiting for their university.
All of the following sports give high school student-athletes a better chance of continuing their player careers at the next level:

Opportunities to play men’s sports with lower participation rates

Lacrosse may be one of the fastest growing sports in America, but participation in the sport is still low compared to football, basketball, soccer and even track & field. Lacrosse is still the best chance for student-athlete to play in college, as 11.9% of high school men’s lacrosse players compete at the next level. Participate is highest at the Division III level, where more than half of high school student-athletes end up.
Comparatively, while 11.2% of high school hockey players ultimately hit the ice for a college team. Almost five percent end up playing Division I. That’s by far the highest percentage for a men’s sport.
Granted, there are much fewer hockey players than most other sports and it takes years to master ice skating, but if you want to play Division I sports in college, your best shot is with a hockey stick.

Frozen water not your thing?

Michael Phelps put swimming on the map in recent years, and more and more high school student-athletes are spending time in the pool. Swimming, which now has nearly as many participants as golf or tennis, still has a high rate –seven percent — of high school student-athletes making the cut for their college programs.

More opportunities in women’s sports with lower participation rates across the board

Female student-athletes have it better than men, at least if they want to play sports in college, as NCAA research shows. Participation is generally lower for women’s sports and there are more opportunities to play in college. Girl’s ice hockey, lacrosse, field hockey, swimming, cross country, golf and soccer all have better rates to play in college than men’s football and basketball.

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