Blog Topic: Contacting College Coaches

Where Do Transfer Regulations Go From Here?

Back in January, when the Leadership Council was looking at major changes to the transfer model, there was a clear idea where permission to contact might go. By expanding the pool of athletes who would be eligible to play immediately, tying permission to contact to competition rather than financial aid made sense. Athletes would still […]

How to Spot an Impossible Coach

In the wake of the Rutgers men’s basketball scandal and allegations facing the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay’s head basketball coach, prospective student-athletes may wonder how they can be assured that the college coach they choose to play for will treat them with respect.  Given the limited amount of time a recruit can spend […]

Preparing for Unlimited Phone Calls

It has become clear that at least in football, coaches are not ready for unlimited phone calls and text messages. They either foresee a world where they have to call recruits 24/7 or a world where they are hiring staff members left and right to call recruits 24/7. And for coaches who were following the […]

What To Do When Coaches Stop Responding To Emails

It’s a situation you may have found yourself in before:  You’ve been communicating with a coach via email relatively frequently, and suddenly, there is no response.  Why might this be?  And more importantly, what should you do? In our digital age, it’s easier than ever to communicate with people around the world.  Given this, coaches’ inbox’s are flooded […]

Worries About Unlimited Recruiting Contact Are Overblown

For years, we heard about how unbelievable it was that the NCAA would try to police phone calls and text messages. Coaches got in trouble for accidentally replying to texts or butt-dialing prospects. Coaches complained (anonymously) about how they did not want to cheat, but their competitors were not following the limits. And everyone just […]

What Unlimited Phone Calls and Texts Mean for Recruits

On January 19, the NCAA Division I Board of Directors is set to vote on 26 pieces of legislation, some of which will have a direct impact on recruiting.  If passed, Proposal 13-3 will directly impact how coaches communicate with recruits.  Proposal 13-3 seeks to allow school officials and coaches to make unlimited phone calls […]

Calling College Coaches: Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Your Phone Calls with College Coaches Getting on the phone with college coaches can be an intimidating experience. They are the head of a college sports team, and are taking time out of their busy schedules to talk to you. These college coaches could potentially be your future coach, so you need to make […]

How College Coaches Recruit Players

College coaches spend 50% of their time on recruiting Coaches are constantly looking for the best players to fill next year’s open positions.  They rely on many different methods to finding the right recruits. As a recruit it will be your job to understand how college coaches recruit players so you will have the best […]

How High School Track and Field Affects your College Recruitment

What you need to know about college track and field There’s a lot of athletic competition out there so if you want to compete at the college level you need to know everything there is about the recruiting process. Whether you are a first year high school student or a senior this year you need […]

Hockey Recruiting for Serious Recruits

As a potential hockey recruit you should have a good understanding of how competitive the recruiting process is. Hockey recruits looking to earn athletic scholarships need to be competitive. They also need to be informed about colleges that offer hockey scholarships and what those college coaches are looking for in potential hockey recruits. With the […]

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