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Isn’t My High School Coach Supposed to Get Me Recruited?

It used to be that a high school coach was the most important person in an athlete’s recruiting process. It was their job to have established relationships with the colleges in the region and they would contact these schools on behalf of their athletes. With college coaches changing jobs more frequently, colleges recruiting nationwide/internationally and […]

When Good Recruiting Advice is Bad

Good advice is hard to find and that is doubly true in recruiting. No two people have the same recruiting process and taking one person’s advice as “the right way” can be dangerous. Too often we hear of people who receive well-meaning advice on what to do, that is the wrong advice for them. Below […]

Spare Change: How to Get a Bowling Scholarship in College

Bowling, that time-honored bad-weather and/or birthday party activity for kids, might also be an outstanding way to put yourself through college. That is, if you are a female. Collegiate bowling is currently in the midst of its tenth season as an NCAA-sanctioned sport for women only, and what a lengthy season it is. “It’s the […]

College Recruiting in the New Year

New Year’s Resolution in Recruiting Like all New Year’s resolutions, you need to be committed to meeting your set goals and aspirations. In any case, your New Year’s goals will take plenty of time to achieve just like your college recruitment. If you are ready to make your resolutions match your recruitment goals then this […]

Doomsday Recruiting: Would You be Recruited Before the World Ended?

According to the Mayan calendar, today might have been the “end of the world”. Now, since that obviously isn’t happening, it gives us a chance to reflect on what we are doing and what our goals are. The goal of many high school athletes is to get recruited to play college sports. Being a collegiate […]

Winter Softball Benefits Non-Recruits

With the NCAA softball quiet and dead periods coming up, it is important for softball recruits to know where they stand in the softball scholarship recruiting process. These communication periods during the year can affect your ability to communicate with a college coach, which means knowing what to do can have a big impact on your […]

Hockey Recruiting for Serious Recruits

As a potential hockey recruit you should have a good understanding of how competitive the recruiting process is. Hockey recruits looking to earn athletic scholarships need to be competitive. They also need to be informed about colleges that offer hockey scholarships and what those college coaches are looking for in potential hockey recruits. With the […]

How to Choose a College as a Student-Athlete

Athletes have twice the amount of research to consider when they prepare for college. The hardest decisions to make when planning for college is finding the right college fit. Many people can offer advice to help you make the decision, but ultimately you need to do what you can to learn everything about each college so you […]

5 Things You Need to Get Recruited in Volleyball

Recruits, you should always be looking for ways to improve your scholarship and recruiting opportunities. Volleyball is one of the most popular college sports for females. This means that the volleyball recruiting process is tough. Competition in club teams, travel teams, and high school teams continues to grow and grow. In fact, for the 2011-2012 […]

Getting Recruited to a Top College Program

You’ve all seen it, top college bound recruits being fussed over by college coaches, sports writers, college analysts and even college sports fans. As a mid-level recruit you may feel too intimated by all the attention and not feel you have what it takes to make it at a top college, therefore you leave your […]

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