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Kevin Short and Being Ruled Ineligible

Kevin Short, a junior college transfer in his first year at Kansas, will not play for the Jayhawks this year. In the words of Kansas head coach Charlie Weis, this was the NCAA’s decision: He was admitted to Kansas as a regular admit with grades and transferable hours exceeding entrance requirements, yet the NCAA ruled […]

Donte Hill and the NCAA Supreme Court

Back in April when Donte Hill’s eligibility issue first came up, I was not optimistic about his odds for success, and remain skeptical he will get to play. The fact that I am skeptical is why many have advocated that the NCAA stop with staff decisions, guidelines, and subcommittee appeals and instead just have one […]

NCAA Seeks to Reverse Initial Eligibility Standards for Division II

According to the NCAA, since 1986, Division II institutions have utilized an initial academic eligibility rule under which, incoming Division II student-athletes must have at least an 820 SAT score and 2.0 GPA to be considered a “qualifier.”  This standard is notable, because it contradicts with the eligibility standard for Division I.  Since 1992, Division […]

Where(s) Johnny?

During the fall Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel looks to his O-line for protection. And, during the spring, apparently, the Heisman Trophy winner takes on-line classes for the same reason. On campus in College Station, the most popular figure is not a Johnny Come Lately but rather a Johnny Come Never (or, at most, according […]

NCAA Considering Changes to New Initial Eligibility Standards

At its January meeting, the NCAA Board of Directors discussed alternatives to the new initial eligibility standards coming in 2016. The Committee on Academic Performance discussed eight options, but eventually forwarded three to the Board of Directors for more discussion. One alternative do not change the end results of the changes, but may change how […]

Use These ACT Test Tips to Boost Your Recruiting Profile

Many of you might be heading to the take the ACT tomorrow (December 8th), which means you need to be as prepared as possible. You should have spent the last couple of months studying, taking practice tests, and getting all the help you can to do well on the ACT test. And of course, you […]

NCAA Test Scores can Boost Your Recruitment

Meeting NCAA test scores College coaches are on the hunt for athletes with the drive to be the best in their sport and who also want to earn a college degree. In order to make it at the college level you need to be prepared for all the academic and NCAA test requirements.  This will […]

Grades Matter Now More Than Ever for Athletes

We know most high school freshman are not completely aware of what it takes to make it at the college level. We understand most have not even heard of the NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly the  NCAA Clearinghouse), or why they need to be concerned about it. As unfortunate as this is, there needs to be […]

Athletics Cannot Guarantee School Acceptance

As a recruiting company, we receive all sorts of questions regarding the recruiting process. One of the most recent questions we collected came from a parent whose son was a star swimmer and getting plenty of attention from college coaches. The parent wrote: “Is it possible for an athletic scholarship to overturn an academic denial?” […]

Crucial Recruiting Errors Could Cost You NCAA Eligibility

It’s that time of the year again; school is starting up and fall sports are in full swing. With the change in season comes the many eligibility stories about how recruits are inching by and meeting their last minute eligibility requirements, or about how they must sit out a season until they are able to […]

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