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Football Nine Hour Rule Stays Quite Once Again

When the NCAA passed its new rule requiring football players to earn nine credits in the fall semester to be eligible for every game the following year, it was not surprising that not much was heard from it last year. Only one player might have missed the mark, and even that was debatable. But the […]

NCAA Seeks to Reverse Initial Eligibility Standards for Division II

According to the NCAA, since 1986, Division II institutions have utilized an initial academic eligibility rule under which, incoming Division II student-athletes must have at least an 820 SAT score and 2.0 GPA to be considered a “qualifier.”  This standard is notable, because it contradicts with the eligibility standard for Division I.  Since 1992, Division […]

Has Baseball’s Graduation Gap Already Been Solved?

The College Sports Research Institute at the University of North Carolina released their most recent review of graduation rate data for student-athletes. This round included a surprising data point, especially given the common perception that academic problems are concentrated in football and men’s basketball: Division I baseball players are 17.9 percentage points less likely to […]

How Academics Impact Your College Basketball Recruiting

With March Madness approaching, it is almost time for the airwaves to be flooded with commercials reminding us that most student-athletes go pro in something other than sports.  In recent years, the NCAA has fallen victim to a number of academic scandals at some of its perennial institutions.  To combat against this, this year was […]

What Recruits Need to Know About College Bowl Games

Now that it’s the start of the college bowl season it’s time for recruits to learn even more about the football recruitment process. To start, here’s a taste of what college football competition looks like: There are over 1.1 million high school football players in the US and only 13,750 NCAA division I football spots […]

Use These ACT Test Tips to Boost Your Recruiting Profile

Many of you might be heading to the take the ACT tomorrow (December 8th), which means you need to be as prepared as possible. You should have spent the last couple of months studying, taking practice tests, and getting all the help you can to do well on the ACT test. And of course, you […]

Why You Should Use the Common Application

The Common Application allows students to apply to a number of schools at one time. It works by taking all of your basic information, like grades, courses, and test scores, the kind of stuff every college asks for, and it stores all your information in one place. The common application not only keeps all your […]

SAT Exam: Make Sure to Plan Ahead!

Monday was the last day to register late for the November 3rd SAT test. The SAT is required by both the NCAA Eligibility Center and most college admissions (although you can take the ACT instead of the SAT if desired). The next SAT test date is December 1, and the deadline to register is next […]

5 Things to Update Coaches on Your Development

Contacting college coaches is one of the most crucial parts of the recruiting process. I mean, they can’t recruit you if they don’t know you exist, right? High school athletes need to know the importance of getting in contact with college coaches. You cannot wait around thinking that you will be discovered somehow; you would […]

Three Tips to Academic Excellence

Athletes work incredibly hard to perform their best on the field, the court, and in the pool. They train, practice, and compete to be able to participate in their favorite sport at a high level. When you are an athlete in high school, you have even more stuff to juggle. In between homework, essays, projects, […]

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