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NCAA Could Add a Canadian University as a Member

Simon Fraser University is among one of the seven institutions being considered for NCAA  membership at the Division II level. If approved, it would be the first Canadian member school, and the first school to be located outside of the U.S. The NCAA has over 1,200 members across the division levels, and the approval of […]

Three Tips to Target Your Recruiting Efforts and Know Where to Aim

Kids and athletes have grown up watching colleges with strong athletic programs dominate the airwaves on ESPN and other television stations. They have become so familiar with the “glamorous” athletes and coaches that it becomes their main impression of college sports. But for 99% of high school athletes who go on to compete in college, […]

Read This Before You Register with the Eligibility Center

Do more in your recruiting Many high school athletes are under the impression that registering with the NCAA or NAIA eligibility center early will get them recruited to play college sports. Unfortunately, this is not the case. High school athletes will need to put in a lot more effort in getting recruited besides meeting initial […]

What Division Level Is Best For You?

A question which we ask many of our athletes is “Do you know which division level you are best suited to play in?” Very few potential recruits know what division level they are suited for or even the difference between the division levels. Get an understanding of each division level; ask your current coach for […]

Your NAIA Scholarship Options

Not many high school student-athletes are aware of the athletic scholarship opportunities at NAIA colleges. The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics has been assisting student-athletes since 1937 and serves close to 300 colleges and universities throughout the country. NAIA, like the more notable NCAA, focuses on the tradition that student-athletes are first a student studying […]

NAIA Success Stories: Making it to the Pros

There’s no doubt that NCAA sports are immensely popular here in the United States. Kids grow up playing sports and dream that one day they will play for their favorite big schools and end up on ESPN. Unfortunately, many of these kids won’t end up at big schools and playing games on TV. Many may […]

Don’t Settle In Recruiting: You May Have More Options Than You Think

Explore All of Your Options When looking at potential schools you are interested in make sure that you are exploring all of your options. Most student-athletes only look at schools that are geographically close to them or their extended families. Others will only look at big name schools they have heard of or have followed […]

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