College Basketball Recruiting

College basketball recruiting has changed a lot. You need more than just raw talent and motivation to get a basketball scholarship. You need to market yourself to the college basketball coaches. Increase your chance of being recruited by joining our recruiting network now. Apply by clicking on the parent or athlete link on the left of this page.

No matter what college you want to attend, be it Kentucky University, University of North Carolina, University of Maryland, Duke or UCLA we can help you with the basketball scholarship recruiting process.

Basketball is classed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association as a “head Count” sport which means that the basketball scholarships that are granted are “full Ride Scholarships.”

NCAA Men’s Basketball DI 13 scholarships per college.

NCAA Men’s Basketball DII 10 scholarships per college.

NCAA Women’s Basketball DI 15 scholarships per college.

NCAA Women’s Basketball DII 10 scholarships per college.

College Basketball Scholarships. Basketball Recruiting.

Basketball scholarships are also available at NAIA affiliated colleges and some junior colleges as well.

If it’s your dream to play NCAA Division I or II basketball as a freshman, you need to first register and be certified by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. Take a look at the NCAA Academic Eligibility web page to see what initial-eligibility standards you need to be eligible.

Basketball sports camps are designed to help improve your skills including Drills that concentrate on shooting, rebounding, passing, dribbling and defensive techniques. Most college basketball camps also include a lot of game play as skills evaluation.

The first intercollegiate basketball game was played on February 9, 1895, between the Minnesota School of Agriculture and Hamline College with Minnesota winning the game 9-3. The first NCAA basketball tournament was held in 1939 and included 8 teams that eventually grew to sixty five teams.

College basketball recruiting can be quite complicated. Let us help you get recruited and land that elusive basketball scholarship, click on the parent or athlete link below.

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