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College Soccer recruiting has changed a lot in recent times. You need more than talent and motivation to get a soccer scholarship. You need to market yourself to the college soccer coaches. Let us help you; join our recruiting network now. Apply by clicking on the athlete or parent link on the left of this page.

Most athletic scholarships are classed as “full ride” scholarships like basketball and football, sometimes called “head count” sports; most are classed as “equivalency” sports like soccer.

In one way this is good news for high school soccer players. Take women’s soccer for example: The coach can divide the “12” soccer scholarships between a larger number of soccer players. Say 25 partial scholarships instead of 12 full ride.

Women’s Soccer

NCAA DI 12 scholarships per college
NCAA DII 9.9 scholarships per college

Men’s soccer

NCAA DI 9.9 scholarships per college
NCAA DII 9 scholarships per college

Women’s soccer is one of the fastest growing sports due mainly to the application of TITLE IX so there are a lot of opportunities out there for women.

There are 206 Women’s soccer programs and 235 Men’s programs at NAIA colleges.
The National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association, (NJCAA), allows 18 soccer scholarships per college. That’s 18 for women as well as 18 for men. These are full-ride but individual institutions can offer partial soccer scholarships.

Many state soccer associations and leading colleges also run high standard camps that will give you exposure to State Olympic Development Program and college coaches.

College Soccer recruiting can be daunting and complex for athletes and parents. Let us help you get recruited, click on the parent or athlete link below.

NAIA Rule Change. You must now register with the NAIA Clearinghouse.

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