College Field Hockey Scholarships. Field Hockey Recruiting.

College level field hockey is very competitive. The key to field hockey recruiting is knowing what coaches look for and the best ways to get your information put right in front of them.

Field Hockey Scholarship Recruiting Fundamentals

The NCAA has only 264 college field hockey programs. There are 78 Division I, 23 Division II, and 158 Division III programs. That means there is a fierce fight to get recruited and earn field hockey scholarships (especially because Division III does not offer athletic scholarships, but have other forms of financial aid).

Field Hockey Showcases and camps have become a very important part of field hockey recruiting so make sure that you are going to the right ones to find the best opportunity for you.
You can find most of the field hockey programs available in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic, with some more in the Midwest. The South and West have very few programs so take this into consideration when looking at schools you are interested in.

Camps, Showcases, and Videos

If you want to be successful in landing a field hockey scholarship then it is crucial for field hockey players to have high-level tournament experience. This is why camps and showcases are a must-have for any field hockey player looking to get recruited. Big events like the Disney Showcase or any of the College Connection events make a huge difference in the eyes of college coaches. Being able to demonstrate your field hockey skills in tournaments is the best way to get the attention of college coaches. But you can’t just show up and hope to get found; you need to contact the coaches you are interested in and make sure they know you will be there.

Speed and Success in Field Hockey Recruiting

Being a successful field hockey player takes a lot of hard work and skill. So does getting recruited and getting a field hockey scholarship. College coaches are looking for potential athletes who can utilize their skills in passing, balance, agility, determination, and control, and contribute to their college program. Many of the characteristics of student-athletes come into play when working to get recruited as well. Hard work, determination, leadership, and responsibility are just a few things that are needed in the recruiting process. High school field hockey players should know their strengths and use them to get recruited.

The Student-Athlete Balance

It is important for student-athletes to recognize the difficulty in getting recruited for college field hockey. While not every player will earn a field hockey scholarship, there are still many opportunities to compete in field hockey while earning a degree, and finding that best fit for you is the ultimate goal.

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