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College GOLF recruiting can be a minefield of rules and regulations. You need more than motivation and talent to get a golf scholarship. You need to market yourself to the college golf coaches. Let us help you; join our recruiting network now. Apply by clicking on the athlete or parent link on the left of this page.

Most athletic scholarships are classed as “equivalency” and not “full ride” scholarships like basketball and football which are sometimes called “head count” sports; most are classed as “equivalency” sports like golf.

You need to remember that unlike most intercollegiate sports a college golf coach does not have to asses your ability or take a guess at your potential. your score is on the board, your national ranking and handicap are there for all to see.

Women’s Golf
NCAA DI 6 golf scholarships per college
NCAA DII 5.4 golf scholarships per college

Men’s Golf
NCAA DI 4.5 golf scholarships per college
NCAA DII 3.6 golf scholarships per college

170 Colleges affiliated with the National Association of intercollegiate Athletics offer golf scholarships for men and women.

The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) grants eight scholarships per institution. These are full-ride scholarships but individual schools can offer partial scholarships. There are 35 DI and 84 DII junior Colleges that offer golf scholarships for men. There are 65 DI colleges that offer scholarships to women.
Consider attending a college golf camp. These camps will provide you with very specific additional development and training and you get seen by the college golf coach.

College golf recruiting can be daunting and complex for athletes and parents. Let us help you get recruited and get that golf scholarship, click on the parent or athlete link below.

NAIA Rule Change. You must now register with the NAIA Clearinghouse.

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