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If you have played high school golf and have a passion for the game, you are probably hoping to continue playing well into your college career. Maybe you are even very good, one of the best on your team and are near the top of national rankings. While this is encouraging and demonstrates your skill at the game, you should know that your chances are still very low when it comes to being sought by the top college golf teams.

Unless you are in the top 1-2% or are in an elite category, it is unlikely you will be sought after by college coaches without having to do a lot of the work on your own. If you want to be recruited it is up to you to make it happen. Do your research and contact individual golf coaches to let them know of your interest and explain how you will be an asset to their golf team. Reach out to many different coaches and learn about each individual program to learn what is right for you as well as for their team.

The importance of actively connecting to golf coaches is especially true if you are entering at a junior college level, as these coaches do not have the large athletic budgets that the four year universities have at their disposal. With such a limited budget, they are unable to hire scouts or actively recruit. Few department coaches even allocate funds to recruit members, as they rarely come across suitable athletes. Actively engaging with potential coaches sets you apart from the rest and allows the coach to accept you without being required to take time and resources to chance upon you.

The NJCAA allows each school to offer up to eight full-ride scholarships, so the competition for scholarships can be significantly less. In addition, individual schools can offer partial aid in the form of grants. The best players, of course, will receive the best offers, so high school is still the best time to increase your chances.

Junior colleges offer many benefits to beginning students and are a great way to start your secondary education. Don’t worry about losing your golf dreams by choosing to attend one of the many highly rated junior colleges. You can increase you chance of participating in a golf program as well as making valuable professional connections for later on. Take the initiative and make your golfing dream come true by actively engaging and connecting with coaches from many different colleges.

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