GPA Calculator

Your grade point average is very important and you must keep on top of your prospective GPA if you are aiming for an athletic scholarship. A high GPA can put you ahead of the competition and also can put you on track for academic grants and scholarships. As an added bonus a high GPA keeps your parents off your back.

Maintaining a high GPA in college is also important. A good Grade Point Average allows you a greater degree of flexibility while attending college like changing majors or receiving grants and awards.

It does not stop there; after college when you’re applying for a job one of the first things a prospective employer looks at is your GPA.

Calculating your GPA, and, indeed your prospective GPA, and keeping on top of it is something you should be aware of all the time.

The calculation itself is fairly simple. Your Grade Point Average uses the 4.0 scale, it is in reality just a numeric index that is a summary of your performance academically. Larger units, ( credit hours), contribute more to your GPA than smaller units.

Your first step is to convert your ‘course grade” into a numeric value.

A =4
A- =3.70
B+ = 3.33
B =2-7
C+ =2.3
C =2.00
C- =1.7
D+ =1.3
D =1.00
D- =0.7

Next multiply your grade result by the credit hours for that subject. ( Credit hours will be shown on your class transcript.)

EXAMPLE: you received a B for Biology 101 and the credit hours were 3. the calculation would be 2.7 x 3 = 8.1

Quality points for Biology 101 is 8.1

Now do this for all of your courses and ADD the quality points together. Then divide this total by the TOTAL credit hours for all your courses. There you have it, your GPA.

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