There are only 264 NCAA field hockey programs in the United States. The fight for spots in these programs is intense and it will be important to learn what you can do to earn a field hockey scholarship

The Basics of Field Hockey Scholarships

Scholarships for field hockey are NOT full scholarships because field hockey is an equivalency sport. This means that hockey coaches will divide the available scholarships amongst multiple players.

For NCAA Division I, there are 12 scholarships available per team. In DII, there are 6.3 scholarships per team.

Field hockey programs are most prevalent in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest regions, so players should focus their search for field hockey scholarships to those areas in the U.S.

Use our COLLEGE SEARCH TOOL to find the best field hockey colleges… Make up your own list of field hockey colleges that fit your academic and athletic profile. A list of NCAA field hockey colleges can also be found here.  Division I CollegesDivision II CollegesDivision III Colleges.

College field hockey recruiting. What do field hockey coaches and scouts look for.

Be a Contributor

College field hockey coaches are looking for players who are successful both athletically and academically, so being a well-rounded individual is important. If you can’t contribute to the team on the field or in the classroom, it will be very difficult for athletes to find field hockey scholarships.

Focus on your Skills

College field hockey coaches are looking for players who have mastered the general skills needed to play the game. For field hockey players, this includes skills like passing, receiving, shooting, pressuring, attacking, and overall fitness. For goal keepers, strengths should include body positioning, distributing, covering, and being able to organize the team on the field. While knowing these skills is something that all field hockey players learn in high school, in order to qualify for a field hockey scholarship, you really need to have mastered these techniques.

Summer Tournaments and Camps

College coaches watch potential field hockey players at summer camps and tournaments. Camps are an integral part of the field hockey recruiting process. It is important for a high school player to participate on a traveling team that competes at high level tournaments if they hope to earn a field hockey scholarship. Coaches also attend summer field hockey camps, so to gain even more exposure, field hockey athletes should attend camps at schools they might be interested in going to.

Finding the Academic-Athletic Balance

It is important for student-athletes to recognize the difficulty in earning college field hockey scholarships. While not every player will earn a scholarship to play field hockey, there are still many opportunities to compete in field hockey while earning a degree, and finding that best fit for you is the ultimate goal.

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