IMPORTANT: If you are interested in playing college sports and being recruited by college coaches please click on our PARENT and ATHLETE links to the left. Please note that by filling out our free recruiting form you are not registering with the NCAA clearinghouse.


The NCAA or the National Collegiate Athletic Association is the governing body of most College Sport.

Your first step towards an Athletic Scholarship is registering with the NCAA Clearinghouse.

Click here to learn about the NCAA Eligibility Center.

If you want to participate in Division I or II athletics as a freshman, you must first register and be certified by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. Refer to the NCAA Academic Eligibility section to determine the initial-eligibility standards that apply to you. If you don’t register you will not be eligible to play or practice during your freshman year.

Athletes who want to compete at College level must file a form with the NCAA Clearinghouse. This form is available from your high school counseling office. International students can Email me for free advice on how to register. Registration is a one-time fee of $65 US. or $75 US for international students.

Athletes basically have 5 “College years” to complete 4 years of athletic eligibility Students who do not meet the minimum academic requirements or fail to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse will almost certainly lose one of those years.

Initial Eligibility Requirements. The NCAA Clearinghouse will verify your eligibility.

Students must graduate from High School and have a grade point average {GPA} of 2.00 in a core curriculum of 16 academic subjects for Division I and 14 for division II.

NOTE: Division II incoming college freshmen from 2013 and beyond will require 16 core classes.

It is recommended that student athletes should register with the NCAA clearinghouse at the start of their junior year in high school, There is no actual registration deadline, but you must be cleared by the clearinghouse before you can receive a scholarship or compete in your sport.

IMPORTANT: The NCAA Clearinghouse is now called the NCAA Eligibility center. NCAA Eligibility center.

NCAA Clearinghouse contact information:
NCAA Eligibility Center mailing address:
NCAA Eligibility Center
P.O. Box 7136
Indianapolis, IN 46207

NCAA rule change. Athletes must now be placed on the Institutional Request List IRL.

NCAA College Compliance Rules.

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