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We are a network of former college coaches, college athletes and sports writers who love to share information about college scholarships and the recruiting process. Our goal is to provide high quality and entertaining information to help you get the most out of the recruiting process. We are always looking for great articles and guest writers to add to our blog.

Our areas of interest include but are not limited to:

College Scholarships

In our 10 years of talking with athletes and families about athletic scholarships we are always fighting against the tremendous amount of miss information. 85% of scholarship opportunities fall outside of the NCAA DI and less than 1% of media coverage covers the process of getting scholarships at those levels.

College Recruiting

Almost every year the college sports regulating bodies, the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA are rewriting their rule books to incorporate the changing landscape of online and offline communications. We make it our job to try and update you on the rules changes as well as the implications they might have for your recruiting process.

NCAA & NAIA Eligibility

Just as recruiting is an ever changing process, so too is the process of tracking athletes academic eligibility. The NCAA and NAIA have a difficult job of assessing over 10 million college athletes a year. In an effort to help families get the answers they need our information is all referenced against the NCAA and NAIA handbooks.

Anything College Sports

While we all have a passion for scholarships, recruiting and eligibility we are also huge sports fans in general. We love to share our perspective on current events in college sports and love to hear the perspective of our readers. If you ever want to get more information from us join us on facebook, twitter or our blog.

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