NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association Recruiting Guidelines and Rules

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Breaking down the campus visit. A guide for student-athletes.

Practical tips for unofficial visits.

High school Freshman and Sophomore year. these rules also apply until September 1 of your Junior year.

Coaches are allowed to:

Send you athletic or sports camp brochures, NCAA Educational Information and Questionnaires.

A coach can also accept phone calls from you as long as they are at your expense but remember that if you leave a message on an answering service the coach is NOT ALLOWED TO CALL YOU BACK.

Coaches are not allowed to:

To call you on the phone.
A coach cannot send you any written recruiting information.

NCAA Recruiting Guidelines, Unofficial Visits:

You can make unofficial visits to a college campus.
It is also permissible for you to receive a maximum of three complimentary tickets to a college sporting event.
You can talk with college coaches but this must be on campus.

NCAA Rules. Contact Visits.

Junior year from September 1

College coaches are allowed to send you information about their athletic program and about their school. this can include: media guides, schedule cards, personalized letters, photocopies of newspaper clippings and official university admissions and academic publications.
The college coach is now allowed to answer your emails and send emails to you as well.

Junior year from July 1

A college coach is only permitted to contact you in person off the college campus only on or after July 1st when you have completed your junior year of high school. If the coach meets with you or your parents and says anything to you or them then this is considered a contact. Anything more than a very basic hello is a contact.

College coaches are permitted to make one telephone call each week to you or your parents. You can call the coach as often as you wish.

Senior Year

You can make up to five Official – expense paid visits to college campuses. the visit to the campus cannot be longer than forty eight hours in duration. you are are not allowed to have an official visit until after your first day of classes of your senior year.

College coaches need to have an official ACT or SAT score and a copy of your official high school transcript before you can make a visit.

Coaches can make telephone calls and send written correspondence as per the rules for your junior year.

if your at a tournament and the coach does not talk to you don’t take it personally. The National Collegiate Athletic Association has specific recruiting rules that puts limits on communication at tournaments.

A college coach can sit down with a guardian or parent at a competition site. This is counted as one of the three in-person off-campus recruiting contacts a coach is permitted.

A parent reviews the NCSA.

How my official visits helped me choose the college I love.

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