How to contact all the colleges that fit your needs and offer the sporting program you are looking for. Find the schools that match your academic and athletic skills.

The most important thing is to be professional in any email or phone conversation an athlete has with a coach. Treat the recruitment process as a job interview. An athlete wants to present themselves in the best way possible. Our recruiting service can help prepare an athlete by giving them tips on what to say to coaches and how to respond. Contacting enough coaches to effectively explore available scholarship offers can be a daunting task. Our recruiting coaches and National Scouts can help athletes efficiently seek and find scholarships offers because they have the ability to help athletes reach a larger audience than if they were to go out there and do it themselves. Our recruiting service will maximize the chances that an athlete has to gain a scholarship to compete at an NCAA or NAIA university.

To be recruited and play a college sport you need to communicate with the coach. Coaches are restricted in when they can contact an athlete, however an athlete can contact a college coach at any time. Almost all universities make their coaches’ information available online. Go to a school’s athletic page and look for their Staff or Athletic Directory. Directories are usually available under the Athletics’ Department or Inside Athletics tab. This is where schools keep contact information for everyone in the Athletic Department for that particular university. Scroll down to your specific sport. There will be information available for the head coach and any assistant coaches that help in the recruiting process. Emailing a coach and following up an email with a phone call is the most effective way to get on a coach’s recruiting list.

Another effective way to get in contact with a coach is to find the recruiting questionnaire that most schools make available on their website. Some schools will make it difficult for you to find their questionnaire, and others will make it blatantly obvious. Sometimes the recruiting questionnaire can be found on the main athletic page, but other times you may have to go to an individual sport’s team page. Not all universities use an athletic questionnaire to communicate with athletes, so if it is not readily available on the website then go ahead and contact the coach with the information found in the staff or athletic directory. Many times a coach will forward a link for the recruiting questionnaire to an athlete after you have initially reached out to them. You can also email them and ask for a link.

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