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Mr. Williams Goes to South Bend, Or Does He?

Now, on to the quandary presented by Monroe (Ga.) George Walton Academy running back Stanley Williams, a high school junior, whose story poses the age-old question, Just how many official non-visits is a recruit allowed to take? For the uninformed, an official non-visit is exactly like an official visit with the minor exception that it […]

New NCAA Rule for Junior-Year Basketball Recruits

Are you a junior-year basketball recruit? Did you know that starting January 1, 2013, you are allowed to start taking official visits to potential colleges? Earlier this year, the NCAA made big changes to the Men’s Basketball Recruiting model. One of the biggest changes was the date that official visits to start for students in […]

The Football Contact Period Has Started

The NCAA Football Contact Period The NCAA contact period for football scholarship recruiting started yesterday and high school athletes should use this time to amp up their recruiting. Whether your high school team is wrapping up their season or looking for post-season success, the contact period for football is an open window for your communication […]

Something All Athletes Can Learn From Football Recruits

Depending on the sport you play you may have already realized there is more information on football recruiting and even basketball recruiting when compared to all other college sports. Why is this? It’s basically a numbers game. Football is the biggest team sport and together with basketball programs they are the top athletic revenue producers […]

3 Tips to Use Your Official Visits to Shine

When you get invited on an official visit by a coach, it’s a sign that they are highly interested in you as a recruit. They want you to be able to see yourself playing for program and they want to host your experience up close and personal with the team. Official visits happen when you […]

3 Recruiting Goals You Should Set This Summer

Summer is officially here and all you want to do is relax. You should definitely take some time to wind down from the school year, but don’t let the time get away from you! Summer is a great time to get ahead in your recruiting. You can update your resume, talk to coaches, and visit […]

Are you ready to compete in college sports?

Are you a student –athlete that loves your sport and thinks that you have what it takes to compete at the college level? Then now is the time to get started on your recruitment whether you have seriously considered playing in college or believe that have the drive to make it. All you need is […]

Student-Athletes Should Understand There Is No Such Thing As A Free Ride

A College Scholarship Is Not Free One of the funny things about college athletic scholarships is that most people think student-athletes are going to university completely free. They don’t take into account all the time and resources put into training for that sport over the years. And that doesn’t even take into account the costs […]

Six Steps You Can Take Right Now That Will Help You Earn A Tennis Scholarship

Am I Really Being Recruited? What happens if you’ve gone all through high school, but have not heard anything from college coaches or recruiters? Just because you are getting form mailers and letters of interest does not mean that coaches are ready for you to be offered a tennis scholarship, nor does it mean they […]

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