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3 Recruiting Goals You Should Set This Summer

Summer Athletic Scholarship GoalsSummer is officially here and all you want to do is relax. You should definitely take some time to wind down from the school year, but don’t let the time get away from you! Summer is a great time to get ahead in your recruiting. You can update your resume, talk to coaches, and visit schools.

Recruiting is a lot of work, and of course you don’t want to spend your whole summer lost in recruiting. So how do you get motivated? A great way to start is by setting goals for yourself. By establishing goals in your recruiting process, you make yourself accountable for when they don’t get done. They will also help you stay organized and on top of your recruiting. When you set goals, you are planning your future and determining what you want to get done and when you are going to do it.

Goal setting can be used in many ways for lots of different things, but it can be especially useful in your recruiting. By having goals, you will be able to concentrate your efforts and use your time more effectively. And when you’re more effective in recruiting, the more opportunities you’ll find to compete in sports in college.

Here are some goals to help you in the recruiting process this summer:

  1. Compiling or updating your Resume: If you haven’t created one yet, make it a goal to get your stats and academic info together and put together a resume to send to college coaches. If you already have one made, take some time and make sure the information is as current as possible.
  2. Research schools and make a Target List: Take some time to search for schools you are interested in and would like to contact about being a possible recruit. Make a target list and focus your efforts on those schools. Make sure to keep your options open and consider schools in all division levels.
  3. Catch up on Your Communication with Coaches: Go through your email and make sure that you have responded to coaches’ most recent message or take some time to call them and catch up on the phone. Staying in touch with coaches is crucial and should not stop during the summer. If you haven’t heard from a coach in a while, reach out to them and update them on your progress.

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