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How do I Approach a Coach About Problems with My Student Athlete?

The competitiveness of youth and college sports can lead to strained relationships between an athlete and their coach. I recommend parents encourage their athletes to handle the discussions with the coach as these can be some of the most critical teachable moments in a young person’s development. However, there comes a point as a parent […]

Isn’t My High School Coach Supposed to Get Me Recruited?

It used to be that a high school coach was the most important person in an athlete’s recruiting process. It was their job to have established relationships with the colleges in the region and they would contact these schools on behalf of their athletes. With college coaches changing jobs more frequently, colleges recruiting nationwide/internationally and […]

The NCAA’s Responsibility to Youth Sports

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a three-part series last week on issues in youth sports arising from specialization and elite sports clubs. Their conclusions were that these clubs which pushed athletes to participate in one sport year-round were causing more injuries, harming high school athletics, pricing low-income and minority athletes out of the system and […]

It Takes a Village To Cut a Scholarship

The story of how Jared Drew is leaving the Saint Louis men’s basketball team will be spun as one of the improper leverage and power of coaches. That is the angle Eamonn Brennan took, mentioning Mike Krzyzewski’s almost $10 million in compensation from 2011 compared to Drew’s one-year renewable scholarship. Coach K obviously had nothing […]

How to Spot an Impossible Coach

In the wake of the Rutgers men’s basketball scandal and allegations facing the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay’s head basketball coach, prospective student-athletes may wonder how they can be assured that the college coach they choose to play for will treat them with respect.  Given the limited amount of time a recruit can spend […]

The Statistics of a One and Done Player

Throughout the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, many commentators will reference the “one and done” nature of some of the country’s top basketball programs.  Coaches, like Kentucky’s John Calipari will face the scrutiny of Americans for their players’ decisions to leave college after only one year to pursue a dream of playing in the NBA.  While […]

Preparing for Unlimited Phone Calls

It has become clear that at least in football, coaches are not ready for unlimited phone calls and text messages. They either foresee a world where they have to call recruits 24/7 or a world where they are hiring staff members left and right to call recruits 24/7. And for coaches who were following the […]

What To Do If You Can’t Play for a Travel Team

In recent years, the NCAA recruiting model has changed in a way that dramatically increases the importance of recruits participating in travel and competitive leagues.  Arguably, the sport that relies the heaviest upon travel and competitive leagues for recruiting is men’s basketball.  The July evaluation period for men’s basketball is centered on numerous tournaments in […]

Does Playing on a Bad Team Affect My Chances of Being Recruited

Sometimes in life, you can’t choose the cards dealt to you.  What do you do, if you find yourself on a high school team that isn’t any good?  Or, what should you do when your travel team losses most of their games?  The process of being recruited to play sports in college can be a […]

3 Steps to Keep Lawyers Out of the NLI Process

Some may wonder why National Signing Day has become a nationally televised event. However, anyone who followed Alex Collins’ signing last week knows that National Signing Day brings more drama than some reality T.V. shows. That being said, however, a recruit’s signing should not and does not have to involve lawyers. For those unfamiliar with […]

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