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The First Three Questions D1 College Coaches Ask Recruits

One of the biggest stressors for recruits may not be performing in games in front of college coaches, but rather, the questions college coaches may ask them.  Most recruits have experienced few job interviews at this age.  Thus, they oftentimes lack the experience necessary to fully and adequately answer a coach’s questions in a way […]

What Unlimited Phone Calls and Texts Mean for Recruits

On January 19, the NCAA Division I Board of Directors is set to vote on 26 pieces of legislation, some of which will have a direct impact on recruiting.  If passed, Proposal 13-3 will directly impact how coaches communicate with recruits.  Proposal 13-3 seeks to allow school officials and coaches to make unlimited phone calls […]

How Parents Can Help With the College Application Process

When the time comes for your child to  apply to colleges, the entire process can put stress on you and your child. And with the added pressure for your child to find a college team to compete for, it can make their admission process much more complicated than that of non-student-athletes. Knowing where to look, […]

How Parents Can Help Their Child Get Recruited

In the recruiting process, it’s very easy for parents to get too involved and take over  their child’s experience. Whether it’s contacting coaches on behalf of the athlete, stalking a team’s Facebook page, or pressuring the student to make a decision, parents have to remember one thing: you are not the one being recruited to […]

How Some Parents Cost Their Athletes Scholarships

Contacting Us Is Encouraged This past week I fielded a phone call from a concerned parent trying to become educated on the recruiting process. More importantly he was looking for exactly how he can help his son have the best opportunity possible to earn a college scholarship. These types of calls excite me and my […]

Do Athletes Really Perform Better In The Classroom During Their Season?

How Important is Structure? Conventional wisdom in high school and college athletics is that athletes perform better in the classroom during their season. But is it true? The argument goes something like this: The season offers more structure in the academic lives of student-athletes which leads to better academic performance. It makes sense. Grades Go […]

Why College-Bound Athletes Burn Out And How To Avoid It

Avoiding Burnout One of the recurring debates in high school recruiting circles is whether it’s better to specialize in one sport or play multiple sports. Our focus for this piece is athletes who burn out and, from that perspective, the evidence shows it is better to play multiple sports. But why? First and foremost is […]

It Might Not Be Too Late To Be Recruited

No Time to Panic Are you panicking about college recruiting and how you fit in? Are you an athlete who’s currently sweating because unlike some of your friends and teammates, you haven’t signed or even been contacted by a school? On The Outside Looking In Are you a parent experiencing the situation through the eyes […]

Top 3 Things Parents Need To Do To Prepare For Recruiting

Great Expectations Help your child be prepared for their recruitment process. Recruiting should start around the student-athlete’s freshman year. If your child is serious about participating in college sports, then they’ll need to know what to expect for the next few years of high school. This will help them get ahead in the recruiting process. […]

Two Things You Must Know About College Financial Aid

The Best Fit Doing all the work to get recruited is one thing, and then when your child is actually offered college scholarship opportunities, your family will be faced with a completely new recruiting dilemma: Which college is the best fit? Weighing the Costs Factors that come into play when determining the best college for […]

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