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How Parents Can Help With the College Application Process

When the time comes for your child to  apply to colleges, the entire process can put stress on you and your child. And with the added pressure for your child to find a college team to compete for, it can make their admission process much more complicated than that of non-student-athletes. Knowing where to look, what to do, and who to ask for help can make a huge difference as you prepare your child for the college admission process.

First things first, Parents

Your child needs to think about where they truly want to attend school, and whether they want to compete in college sports or not. They will also need to be in direct contact with the college coaches they hope to compete for. Even if your child plans to walk-on to a team, they still have to establish a relationship with the coach to make sure playing and trying out will be a realistic expectation.

College Applications: Timing is everything

There are different admission deadlines and requirements for each university. Most state schools have similar, if not the same, deadlines, but do not rely on one college’s dates to guide you through the admission process.

Check out the website of each college your child plans to apply to before their senior year. This will help them plan out when and what they need to get into each university, and it ensures they won’t miss any deadlines.  They will need to know exact dates their information needs to be submitted by, whether they decide to apply for early or regular admissions.

If a college application is not completed or filled out correctly it can cost your child admission. Colleges receive hundreds,- if not thousands of applications each deadline, don’t give them a reason to not accept you. Making sure you meet the essay guidelines, and send in all supplemental work the college asks for such as letters of recommendation and portfolios. Knowing when all application deadlines are is extremely important when helping your child plan for their future.

The College Application deadlines

Early applications: This is the first round of applications; typically students can look to have these sent in by November 1 – November 15 of their senior year. If your child is meeting all of their requirements going into their final year of high school then the early application deadline is something they should consider so they can get it over with.

Regular application deadlines: These deadlines vary by school, so make sure you know what the deadlines are for the schools you apply to. A majority of seniors choose to complete and submit their applications for the regular deadline . Regular applications will include students’ first semester senior grades, which is why many athletes choose to wait until this deadline to send in their information.

Make sure you and your children know all the requirements needed for each application. Being organized during this time will prove to be very beneficial.

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