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International Students Must Take the TOEFL Exam

It’s crucial for international students to know and understand the different requirements they need from U.S. students. For non-native English speakers, this includes taking the TOEFL exam. The TOEFL is an English-language test that students and athletes must take if they plan on going to college in the United States. Colleges and universities across the […]

College Recruiting for International Students

We share information with athletes and their families because we want to assist everyone with the recruiting process. We have the chance to talk with a lot of athletes from all around the world. It’s really a great opportunity we get, by having the chance to help student-athletes with all parts of their athletic recruitment. Recruiting […]

Get Recruited in the World’s Most Popular Sport

Why Soccer Recruiting is Tough Work Here in the U.S., sports like football, basketball, and baseball seem to dominate our society’s favorite hobbies. These sports are very popular at all levels, from elementary school recreation leagues to college teams and the pros. Sports are a huge part of our culture and millions of fans identify […]

How International Athletes Are Changing The Face Of College Sports

International Invasion in College Sports Over the past decade the number of international athletes playing college sports in the United States has tripled to well over 11,000. In many sports, most notably tennis and soccer, international players can swing the balance of power and even change the way the game is played. One of the […]

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