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Spare Change: How to Get a Bowling Scholarship in College

Bowling, that time-honored bad-weather and/or birthday party activity for kids, might also be an outstanding way to put yourself through college. That is, if you are a female. Collegiate bowling is currently in the midst of its tenth season as an NCAA-sanctioned sport for women only, and what a lengthy season it is. “It’s the […]

It Takes a Village To Cut a Scholarship

The story of how Jared Drew is leaving the Saint Louis men’s basketball team will be spun as one of the improper leverage and power of coaches. That is the angle Eamonn Brennan took, mentioning Mike Krzyzewski’s almost $10 million in compensation from 2011 compared to Drew’s one-year renewable scholarship. Coach K obviously had nothing […]

Which Pac–12 School Should Start a Men’s Soccer Team?

The announcement that the WAC is sponsoring men’s soccer starting in 2013–14 would not seem to have a big impact on the Pac–12. “Wake me when the Big 12 expands or Texas comes around to our way of thinking” might be the prevailing attitude. But the move could have a big impact for Pac–12 soccer […]

Finding Top Soccer Colleges

College Soccer Championships Every November college soccer teams compete in the soccer college championships to determine who will be number 1. College soccer players and fans are just a few days away from learning which team will be this year’s reigning soccer champs.  The NCAA division I Men’s championship will be held this Sunday in […]

Upcoming Dates Lacrosse Recruits Must Know

Important Dates for Lacrosse Recruits and how they affect your recruitment At the end of this calendar year lacrosse players are met with Dead Periods and Quiet Periods. As a college recruit it will be up to you to be aware of these dates and to understand how they will affect your college recruitment. Below you […]

Swimming Scholarship Times Take Recruits Farther

The college swimming season is about to start and the NCAA swimming recruiting period is under way. Many athletes in the recruiting process will come across advice that instructs them to have a highlight video of their game play. For many sports, a highlight video is crucial to getting recruited. But for some sports, like college […]

The Early Signing Period for College Sports Starts Today

NCAA Begins their Early Signing Period For those senior athletes in the recruiting process, today is a big day! Today marks the beginning of the early signing period for many NCAA sports. That means that recruits who have been offered scholarships or who have verbally committed to a school are allowed to officially sign their […]

What Every Recruit Should Know About Finding a Soccer Scholarship

Soccer has become the most popular youth sport in the U.S. Boys and girls alike have started playing soccer as young as possible and have joined thousands of other kids in soccer competition. This means that soccer players have been playing for at least several years by the time they reach high school. And for […]

What If You Do Not Hear Back From Coaches?

Think of your recruitment as a job. You need to work hard, stay organized, and do it every day. Recruiting can and will be frustrating at times. If you do all you can for your recruitment, you will be able to learn from your experience and find the perfect college to fit all of your […]

How Being A Versatile Athlete Can Make You More Recruitable

How Many Ways Can You Help Your Team Win? Let’s talk versatility. It really doesn’t matter what sport you want to play in college–being willing and able to do more than one thing to help your team win can make you more recruitable. Football Recruiting Most football players are recruited to play a specific position. […]

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