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Finding Top Soccer Colleges

College Soccer Championships

Every November college soccer teams compete in the soccer college championships to determine who will be number 1. College soccer players and fans are just a few days away from learning which team will be this year’s reigning soccer champs.  The NCAA division I Men’s championship will be held this Sunday in Hoover, Alabama.

Why College soccer championships results matter to potential recruits

If you are a soccer player hoping to get recruited and compete for a top university then you need to keep up with college soccer happenings and tournament leaders.  Learning as much as you can about the leading soccer teams will not only help you find the right soccer program, but it will also show college coaches how educated you are about the sport.  

If you are a soccer player who has been working on taking the needed steps to get you to a college level program then you should already have a sense of which colleges will be the best fit for you.  As an athlete you should not base your decision to play college soccer solely on the fact that it is a top team with consecutive appearances in the college cup.  Instead you need to consider all aspects of college life and decide what you want in a University and soccer program.

Where to find College Soccer Championships

The NCAA and NAIA college championship tournaments begin the middle of November each year. The NAIA and NCAA division II and division III have already concluded their soccer season, having the championship games December 1 for both Men’s and Women’s soccer. If you have not been following any particular college’s progression this year, then checking in with the NCAA and NAIA websites will help you get a better feel for top soccer teams.

As a potential recruit take time to learn about the different college programs at each division level. Both the NCAA and the NAIA offer Men’s and Women’s soccer scholarships and they could be in need of a player just like you. To be a potential recruit make sure you are learning about different colleges and soccer programs now so you will know where you will have a possible opportunity once you begin your recruitment process.

Playing soccer in college

There plenty of options out there; 204 Division I Men’s college soccer programs and 314 Division I Women’s college programs so make sure you know what to look for. Being a player at the college level means more than just playing year round. All college athletes are held to higher standards- so be sure you have what it takes and are capable of balancing academics and athletics. College coaches and recruiters expect players to not only be excellent athletes but to be exceptional students too.

Start preparing for your college soccer recruitment:

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