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What to do if You Can’t Afford a Club Team

Club and travel teams have become an important part of the recruiting process for the majority of sports. With the increased recruiting exposure and concentration of college coaches at their events, it can seem like your only option for getting recruited is to play for a travel team. However, for many families it is just […]

This is Why You Should Play for an AAU or Club Sports Team

Athletes and families look for ways to give themselves and their child a leg up when it comes to sports recruitment. We get calls and emails all the time from athletes and parents asking us what camps to attend to be seen by college coaches; which are great- we love hearing from parents and athletes […]

Coaches Want to See You Play Against Better Competition

To stand-out in college recruiting, you will need to show you are up for the challenge and have what it takes to compete on a college team. You may have already been on the hunt to find the best competition around, by trying out for and playing on club and travel teams-this is a great […]

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