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This is Why You Should Play for an AAU or Club Sports Team

Athletes and families look for ways to give themselves and their child a leg up when it comes to sports recruitment. We get calls and emails all the time from athletes and parents asking us what camps to attend to be seen by college coaches; which are great- we love hearing from parents and athletes and answering their questions. Unfortunately, only choosing to attend a few camps here and there won’t be enough to get recruited.

Camps and showcases are great ways to increase your exposure, but you are going to need to do more if you plan to get recruited.

Do more in AAU

Get college coaches attention and build on your skill level by joining an AAU club team. AAU is a nationally recognized organization, dedicated to providing young athletes with opportunities to play their sport outside of school teams. Most players decide to compete on an AAU team so they can continue to play year-round and compete against the top competition.

What do you have to lose?

If you want to improve you need to know what is available to you. Whether you play football, volleyball, baseball, track, or one of the many other sports sponsored by AAU, do yourself a favor and learn about club teams and competitions available to you.

Not all club teams are created equal

Depending on your location and the number of teams in the area you will be up against some tough competition. The majority of AAU teams will require athletes to try-out and some will only allow athletes to try-out if they are invited by a coach. Finding a team can be difficult so,prepare to make some phone calls as you try to find the best opportunity.

What makes good club teams great?

Before signing up and trying out for a team you really need to know what you are up against. Some teams are all about making a name for themselves in the national championships, while others might just be starting out and are only focused on building a team. Either way, it will be your job to learn about each clubs goals and requirements before getting involved.

AAU teams give players a great opportunity to gain exposure and possibly get in contact with college scouts and coaches. Depending on your sport you will even be able to check out which colleges were represented at certain tournaments and competitions. How great is that, you get to play your sport and be guaranteed a chance to play in front of college recruiters?

Do you have more questions about finding the right AAU club team? Just leave your comment below for a reply and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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