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What to do if You Can’t Afford a Club Team

Club and travel teams have become an important part of the recruiting process for the majority of sports. With the increased recruiting exposure and concentration of college coaches at their events, it can seem like your only option for getting recruited is to play for a travel team. However, for many families it is just […]

Advice from a College Coach on Summer Basketball Tournaments

When it comes to being recruited for college basketball, the time in which a coach can watch a prospective recruit play in-person is limited.  The NCAA calendars for basketball recruiting for Divisions I through III only include a handful of days for evaluation periods.  During evaluation periods, coaches can watch prospective recruits engage in basketball […]

Winter Softball Benefits Non-Recruits

With the NCAA softball quiet and dead periods coming up, it is important for softball recruits to know where they stand in the softball scholarship recruiting process. These communication periods during the year can affect your ability to communicate with a college coach, which means knowing what to do can have a big impact on your […]

Summer Time Recruiting Tips

Summer can be a crucial time for athletes who are looking to get recruited. And unless you play for a year-round team, chances are you don’t have plans to work out and stay in shape. That means when it’s time to come back to school for fall training, you won’t do as well. It’s important […]

College Recruiting Mistakes #3: Summer Camps

College Recruiting Mistakes #3: Summer Camps Last week I discussed Timmy’s freshman year and his first summer as a high school athlete. This week I will cover Timmy’s full sophomore year and part of his junior year. As I have mentioned in past lessons, Timmy is a good student and athlete who just happens to […]

3 Reasons To Attend College Rowing Camps

Collegiate rowing was one of the best experiences I have had in my life. As a freshman at UC Davis, I walked onto the novice team after completing the rigorous week of tryouts. The unique thing about rowing in college is that you don’t actually need any experience to join the team; you won’t see […]

Breaking Down the Campus Visit: A Guide for Student-Athletes

Make-It-Or-Break-It Decisions  Visiting a campus can be a make-it or break-it point when trying to make a decision on a particular university. There are several ways to visit a campus: camps, unofficial visits and official visits. We will explore the importance of each and the different aspects of a visit that you should focus on. […]

3 Tools High School Athletes Can Use to Get to Know College Coaches

Getting to Know the Coach Just as important as liking the school you pick is liking and respecting the college coach you choose to compete for. Many student-athletes find themselves transferring, dropping out or quitting their sport while in college not because they no longer love the sport, but because they don’t want to work […]

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