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Why Contacting The Coach Before You Attend His Camp Is So Important

Stand Up and Be Noticed Many athletes and their families make the mistake of going to showcases and combines knowing that there will be college scouts there and thinking they will simply get noticed if they play well. Sometimes this happens but more often than not the athlete gets overlooked. Get on the List Showcases […]

How You Can Use Camps and Showcases to Stand Out from the Crowd (Part 3)

More on Showcases  In part one of this series, (The truth about camps and showcases.), I introduced showcases to readers who may be unfamiliar with these events. They are popular with baseball and softball, but can also be found in hockey, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, field hockey and, most recently, tennis. Sometimes you might hear these […]

How You Can Use Camps and Showcases to Stand Out From the Crowd

Broken Recruiting: The Truth About Camps and Showcases (Part 1 in a three-part series) A large part of the recruiting process is the active attendance and participation in college camps and showcase events. These events are extremely popular among America’s college coaches and youth–if you’re not participating at this point I suggest you start researching […]

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