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USA Olympic Fencer Ordered to remove Hijab

SXSW apologizes after ordering U.S. Olympic fencer to remove hijab The disturbing trend of xenophobia in America has fractured the nation and triggered the unlikely rise of a presidential candidate. Facing declining or stagnant wages, bleak prospects and terrorist threats, too many people have looked for scapegoats and found them in foreigners with different beliefs […]

USA Swimming and the NCAA partner with Competitor

NCAA and USA Swimming Partner with Competitor On the broad shoulders of sports icon Michael Phelps, swimming has vaulted into the spotlight and become the main event at the Summer Olympics. Every four years, millions of people watch Phelps and the rest of the Olympic swimmers power between brightly colored floating lanes. At first glance […]

SEC-Power-5 The changing media landscape.

The future media landscape for the Power 5 conferences: SEC It’s good to be king. Just ask the SEC. Not only is the SEC far and away the best conference for the most lucrative sport, football, its proprietary television network is the envy of every other conference. The SEC’s dominance in both arenas led to […]

NCAA Pac-12. Future media direction.

The future media landscape for the power 5 conferences: Pac-12 The westernmost Power 5 conference, the Pac-12, complains about frequently getting neglected in the mainstream media as a result of the so-called East Coast bias. Even if this bias exists, it cannot be blamed for the poor performance of the Pac-12 Network. Unlike the super […]

Power5 Conferences. The media landscape is changing

The future media landscape for the power 5 conferences: ACC If you’ve been looking for the ACC Network on cable, you’re not going to find it. Despite four years of negotiations between the ACC and ESPN and tentative 2016 launch, the network does not yet exist. Georgia Tech president Bud Peterson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution  that […]

Big 12 Conference. Changing Media Landscape.

The future media landscape for the power 5 conferences: Big 12 2026 is coming faster than you think. In the world of cable television and rights fees, networks and conferences are already finalizing contracts that won’t even start until 10 years from now. Making matters more difficult, new technologies and streaming services, like NetFlix, have […]

College Scholarships For Less Popular sports

Great opportunities at lower participation rate sports Do college athletes in sports outside of football or basketball get any scholarship money? Football and basketball players seemingly get all the headlines and all the scholarships. Making matters worse, in order to compete in these sports, a student-athlete has to be a behemoth with blazing speed and […]

It Is Not All About the Scholarship

There is a lot of talk in the college sports world about the proposed “four year scholarship.” The push for these types of guaranteed scholarships are being touted as a solution to what many feel is an unfair practice of college coaches pulling an athlete’s scholarship. You can lose your scholarship due to injury, loss […]

Coaches Need Skin in the Game With Transfers and NLI

There seems to be a lot of hope, even momentum, behind a comprehensive solution to some of the problems with transferring and the National Letter of Intent. The NCAA may be proposing elimination of the permission to contact requirement for transfers. And a number of high profile battles over the NLI may prompt changes to […]

The Great Manipulator

If you read enough war memoirs, or if you have seen “Saving Private Ryan” or “Platoon” (and you have), then you know that soldiers on the front lines do not fight for their country. They fight for one another. They fight to survive. The University of Connecticut won the women’s national basketball championship on Tuesday […]

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