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Disdain of Spain Falls Mainly on This Brain

One of the many amazing aspects of social media in general, and Twitter in particular, is that it allows you to make enemies of people whom you have never met. I seem to have succeeded in that regard this week, and I thought that my experience might provide a valuable lesson for all of us. […]

Are We There Yet

Prepare to hear and read the term “The Road to the Final Four” plenty the next month, even though for most of the 68 schools who will be invited, it is a misnomer. The road to the Final Four is actually a series of runways, as teams bounce from, say, Salt Lake City to Indianapolis […]

Where Does The Manti Story Go From Here?

In the immediate aftermath of Deadspin’s revelation on Wednesday that Manti Te’o’s girlfriend never existed, the response went from shock and disbelief to, almost instantly, Schecky Green. The jokes piled up on Twitter faster than you could type “Lennay Kekua”. Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal: “Read the piece. Let me get this straight. Notre Dame football was […]

Are you ready for the NEXT STEP!