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Transfer Review Shows NCAA Needs Many Voices

The governance reform effort which will kick into high gear at this month’s NCAA convention has been based around two assumptions. First, that larger schools should not necessarily be bound by limits based on competitive equity with and financial restrictions of smaller athletic departments. And second, that athletic directors rather than university presidents should take […]

Picking the Right Thing to Be Mad At with the NCAA

On the face of it, Donte Hill’s waiver case looks to be a harsh decision. Hill played one season at Clemson before transferring midyear to Old Dominion the following year. But before that transfer, he played eight minutes in a closed scrimmage, which for everyone but incoming freshmen counts as a season of eligibility. Hill […]

Where Do Transfer Regulations Go From Here?

Back in January, when the Leadership Council was looking at major changes to the transfer model, there was a clear idea where permission to contact might go. By expanding the pool of athletes who would be eligible to play immediately, tying permission to contact to competition rather than financial aid made sense. Athletes would still […]

Transferring From a College is not Always This Smooth

Each athlete will have their own personal experience when it comes to the actions they take throughout their recruitment. Because of this, many athletes are faced with difficult decisions right from the beginning of their process, but keep in mind you are the one who needs to be making the big decisions. Only you will […]

Critical Information Potential NCAA Transfers Must Read

There are many reasons why college athletes choose to transfer schools before they graduate. They may not be enjoying the school like they thought, they want to change their major, or want a different athletic opportunity. Whatever the reason may be, athletes should heavily consider the impact transferring to another school may have on their […]

One Thing They Don’t Tell You About Recruiting: Be Patient

Patience is a Virtue There are lots of things that can derail a season–transfer, injury, burn-out. For the college-bound athlete trying to earn an athletic scholarship, this can be a time to learn patience. The Tim Williams Story Tim Williams is a great example. After recording 22 sacks his freshman season at his Louisiana high […]

Pick the Right School Because Transferring Can Be a Messy Process

A Lifelong Impact The decisions that are made regarding college have a lifelong impact on the student-athlete and his family. This is why the decision doesn’t come easy and should be carefully considered before any commitments are made. The choices can affect the jobs you get, who you decide to start a family with, the […]

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