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Transfer Review Shows NCAA Needs Many Voices

The governance reform effort which will kick into high gear at this month’s NCAA convention has been based around two assumptions. First, that larger schools should not necessarily be bound by limits based on competitive equity with and financial restrictions of smaller athletic departments. And second, that athletic directors rather than university presidents should take […]

Josh Malone and the Future of Recruiting

Josh Malone, four-star receiver from Tennessee, has opted to stay at home and play for the Tennessee Volunteers. Flipping the normal routine, Malone had signed with three other schools (Clemson, Georgia, and Florida State) prior to committing. That lead to the odd situation where college coaches were able to talk about Malone before he had […]

Elite Only Legislation Misses Point About Student-Athlete Protection

A California congress-person has introduced the latest in a series of state and federal legislative proposals to increase the regulation of the NCAA particularly in areas involving student-athlete health and education. The Collegiate Student Athlete Protection Act would Guarantee student-athlete scholarships for five years or until graduation; Require institutions to provide fifth-year aid to athletes who have […]

What If A Major Conference Opted Out of the NLI

The National Letter of Intent is synonymous with the recruiting process. It is the agreed-upon end of recruiting, when a prospect has firmly and bindingly committed to a school and the school to the prospect. The assumption is that a prospect offered an athletic scholarship will sign an NLI. That assumption is so strong that […]

Time to End Summer Basketball Certification

The NCAA’s rules on outside competition are old enough that it is hard to go back and find their origin. The current version of Bylaw 14.7.1, which bans outside competition by student-athletes subject to the exceptions in the rest of the bylaw, was adopted in 1991, and revised three times since then. The last revision, […]

New Governance Plan is the First Step Toward Division I Split

Cooler heads have prevailed and after a summer where a split of Division I into separate divisions or subdivisions seemed inevitable, it now looks like more incremental change is likely. Most of the NCAA constituents seem to agree that Division I should stay together and that many of the core rules should stay the same. No […]

The NCAA’s Responsibility to Youth Sports

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a three-part series last week on issues in youth sports arising from specialization and elite sports clubs. Their conclusions were that these clubs which pushed athletes to participate in one sport year-round were causing more injuries, harming high school athletics, pricing low-income and minority athletes out of the system and […]

Case Against High School Sports Transfers Well to College

The Atlantic Magazine has a comprehensive look at the case against high school sports. The arguments go beyond talk about corruption and dumb jock stereotypes and look at the impact of focusing resources and attention on sports programs in high school. Some of the key points: The primary justification for high school sports, that it […]

Tulane Baseball and Legislative Scholarships – 2013-10-03 Advocate, based in Baton Rouge, LA, has a story about Tulane University’s Legislative Scholarship program. The article asks what sounds like a simple question: If the school were found to be using the legislative scholarship program to augment its allotment of athletic scholarships, Tulane could face sanctions from the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The […]

NCAA Rules Working Group Process Undergoes Overhaul

Despite the ongoing governance review and the rising objections to presidential control, one of the outcomes of 2011’s Presidential Retreat continues on. The Rules Working Group’s review of the Division I NCAA Manual is chugging along, despite the fits and starts and the slower than expected progress. But now it looks like the NCAA has […]

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