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Pay Attention To NCAA Rules And Regulations Or Suffer The Consequences

NCAA Rules and Regulations High school student-athletes planning to enter an NCAA college or university must be aware of NCAA recruiting rules. The NCAA is divided into three separate divisions, and each division has its own set of eligibility rules. Once high school student-athletes are clear on what division they want to compete in, reading […]

Why High School Athletes Need To Understand NCAA Eligibility Rules

Make a Plan But Stay Flexible For most top high school athletes their aim is to compete at the NCAA Division I level. Top players aim high, as they should if they have the skills and the drive to continue playing at top levels. Student-athletes who choose the college route might have dreams of making […]

The Ins and Outs of College Scholarships (Infographic)

The Numbers Game We came across this great infographic and had to share it with you, our loyal fan base! It’s no secret that scholarships are hard to understand, which is why this particular graphic is so appealing. The authors took what many consider to be a completely confusing and foreign subject and broke it […]

How the BCS Diminishes College Football (Infographic)

Raise your hand if you hate the BCS. This infographic, “How The BCS Diminishes College Football”, makes the case against the BCS system. The IG is based largely on Dan Wetzel’s excellent book, “Death to the BCS.” If you don’t hate the BCS you are likely a fan of the SEC–winner of the last five […]

Pick the Right School Because Transferring Can Be a Messy Process

A Lifelong Impact The decisions that are made regarding college have a lifelong impact on the student-athlete and his family. This is why the decision doesn’t come easy and should be carefully considered before any commitments are made. The choices can affect the jobs you get, who you decide to start a family with, the […]

Graduation Rates For NCAA Athletes

How Are Athletes Doing in the Classroom? The Graduation Rates For NCAA Athletes infographic highlights some interesting points about how college student-athletes perform in the classroom. In some instances college athletes actually perform better than the student body in general; in others they lag far behind. Check it out and let us know what you […]

Athletic Scholarships: Who is Getting The Money? [Infographic]

Did you know women get more scholarship money than men in 11 of 14 sports in the NCAA? To gain more insight into this and other fascinating facts about college sports scholarships check out our “Who’s Getting How Much?” infographic below. If you have questions or comments about who is getting how much scholarship money […]

Facebook: The Ultimate Guide for Student-Athletes

Listen to Your Mother  If it would upset your Mom, don’t post it. This is a good rule of thumb for high school and college student-athletes when it comes to Facebook. This may sound a little harsh to 16-22 year old high school and college students, the most active demographic in the Facebook universe. But […]

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