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College Basketball is a Religion

Either Pope Benedict XVI is not a fan of college sports, or the recently retired pontiff has a horrendous sense of timing. Why? Because last week he made his exodus as the head of the Catholic church right in the midst of a landmark academic year for Catholic institutions in intercollegiate sports. Yesterday Gonzaga, a […]

Salvaging Football Recruiting Deregulation

At this point, it appears the NCAA’s first grand attempt at deregulation, which should have been primed for success, will be a mixed bag at best. Three of the centerpieces have received significant opposition, and less controversial proposals have also taken hits possibly just for being nearby. At this point, it looks all but certain […]

The Remaining Unbeatens in College Basketball

Indiana lost. Again. Thrice the Hoosiers have garnered the No. 1 ranking in Division I men’s college basketball this season and thrice they’ve lost. Each time to an unranked opponent. The latest defeat occurred Monday night at Minnesota. Indiana remains a probable No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament and their inability to be insuperable […]

Why Gambling Will End College Sports

College sports are screwed. They have been on borrowed time for a quite a while now. In fact, it is probably something a miracle that the entire enterprise, not just the NCAA, amateurism, or academic standards still survives, much less thrives, in the form it does now. There is a ticking time bomb that fights […]

Where(s) Johnny?

During the fall Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel looks to his O-line for protection. And, during the spring, apparently, the Heisman Trophy winner takes on-line classes for the same reason. On campus in College Station, the most popular figure is not a Johnny Come Lately but rather a Johnny Come Never (or, at most, according […]

How a Lack of Institutional Control Impacts Miami Recruiting

In an investigation over two years in the making, the NCAA sent the University of Miami (Fla.) a notice of allegations on Tuesday, accusing the university’s athletic department of, amongst other things, a “lack of institutional control.”  The allegations come as a result of an investigation spurred by accusations of convicted felon, Nevin Shapiro, about […]

Collaterall Damage

Charles Pierce is correct that the O’Bannon licensing case is a missile aimed at the NCAA. The groups surrounding the plaintiffs have admitted as much. This is litigation is as much about destroying the NCAA and ending amateurism in college athletics as it is about achieving an equitable award for damages. But buried in Pierce’s […]

Please Sir, Cut the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament to 32 Teams

“Please, sir, I want some less.”                         —Oliver Twist, noted ragamuffin, literal Dickensian character In fairness, Oliver Twist never said that. In fact, the namesake of Charles Dickens’ eponymous classic actually proffered his bowl of gruel and made the exact opposite plea: “Please, sir, I want some more.” However, you can argue that Oliver’s […]

Storm Your Court

Up next on The Discovery Channel: “Court-Storm Chasers”. In this week’s episode our intrepid investigators trek to Champaign, Ill., to track a mad rush as yet another No. 1 falls. Later, they’ll head east to South Bend to wait…and wait…and wait… for a court-storm following a five-overtime win. What –or who – is behind this […]

NCAA Considering Changes to New Initial Eligibility Standards

At its January meeting, the NCAA Board of Directors discussed alternatives to the new initial eligibility standards coming in 2016. The Committee on Academic Performance discussed eight options, but eventually forwarded three to the Board of Directors for more discussion. One alternative do not change the end results of the changes, but may change how […]

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