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Proposed NCAA Recruiting Rule Modification Hit Snag

The NCAA’s plan to simplify its bylaws hit a snag last week when the NCAA Rules Working Group suggested that two proposals related to recruiting be modified.  In January, proposals were brought forward on a number of matters, some of which were aimed at deregulating recruiting.  The goals of these proposals were to eliminate clutter […]

The First Three Questions D1 College Coaches Ask Recruits

One of the biggest stressors for recruits may not be performing in games in front of college coaches, but rather, the questions college coaches may ask them.  Most recruits have experienced few job interviews at this age.  Thus, they oftentimes lack the experience necessary to fully and adequately answer a coach’s questions in a way […]

Start Getting Recruited Early to Increase Your Chances

Potential college recruits should be aware of the ever-changing college coaching shuffle. If you keep up with college sports you know what I mean. College coaches are either looking for better coaching opportunities, or can be “let-go” for not improving their team’s record. Some college coaches are always on the move, which is why recruits […]

5 Things You Need to Get Recruited in Volleyball

Recruits, you should always be looking for ways to improve your scholarship and recruiting opportunities. Volleyball is one of the most popular college sports for females. This means that the volleyball recruiting process is tough. Competition in club teams, travel teams, and high school teams continues to grow and grow. In fact, for the 2011-2012 […]

Recruiting Questionnaires: Don’t Throw Them Away!

Once you enter your first year of high school, college coaches are allowed to send you material about their school and sports program. While they may not be able to speak with you just yet, receiving information in the mail is just the first step in the recruiting process. But it is a step that […]

What if You Want to Play in College But You Are From a Small High School?

Answer: You do not have to come from a championship team to get recruited to play college sports. This is a huge concern for a lot of high school athletes and their families as they step into the recruiting process. Thinking that you can only get recruited because you are a part of a championship […]

Are You Ready to Get a College Scholarship?

Each athlete has their own starting point Finding a good starting point to begin your journey to getting recruited is monumental in making your final goals lead you to success. If you are prepared, you are going to be ahead of other recruits when it comes to finding a college opportunity. Be prepared Being prepared for […]

Something All Athletes Can Learn From Football Recruits

Depending on the sport you play you may have already realized there is more information on football recruiting and even basketball recruiting when compared to all other college sports. Why is this? It’s basically a numbers game. Football is the biggest team sport and together with basketball programs they are the top athletic revenue producers […]

School is Back, Get Your Recruiting Started Off Right

It’s that time of year again. School is starting and fall sports are in full swing. Even if it’s not the time of year for your sport, I am sure you are on your way to doing all you can to improve- It also means you will have more time to focus on your recruitment. […]

The Four Keys to Softball Recruiting Success

As the popularity of softball continues to grow, the key elements in the recruiting process start to shift. There are more and more girls trying to get positions on teams that aren’t growing any bigger. In order to have an edge in softball recruiting, you need to know what you’re doing; and you need to […]

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