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What if You Want to Play in College But You Are From a Small High School?

Answer: You do not have to come from a championship team to get recruited to play college sports. This is a huge concern for a lot of high school athletes and their families as they step into the recruiting process. Thinking that you can only get recruited because you are a part of a championship team is not a legitimate reason to call it quits on your collegiate career.

Do you really think all division I athletes came from winning high school teams? Of course they didn’t; college athletes got to where they are because of hard work and persistence. These athletes were willing to put themselves out there and tell college coaches why they think they are a good match for a their team and why the team will benefit from having them on it.

Once you are ready to get your name out there, you will be prepared to start your recruitment. As a recruit it will be your job to market yourself to college coaches, no matter if you are on a winning high school team or a losing team. Being on either side of the field will have its benefits, you will just need to realize what the benefits are and what college coaches really want to know from you.

Being on a winning team will provide you with talking points about the cohesiveness of your team and how you are able to contribute; however, if you are on a losing team you will have a lot to talk about, including why you have stuck it out, how you kept yourself motivated throughout the season, how you respect and work with your coaches to improve, what you hope the next season will look like, and what you were able to learn coming out of a losing season.

Don’t get caught in the mindset that coaches do not have time to talk or hear from you just because you are from a small town with a mediocre team and no real talent has come out of your high school in years; this is the mentality coaches don’t even waste their time with. Instead, they focus their attention on players who are goal-oriented and team players. They want to fill their roster with athletes who are not afraid to do all they can to reach their goal.

This is the key for recruiting you must understand. It will be your job to plan out your recruitment strategy and find the best possible way to make it to your end goal- competing at the college level.

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