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6 Questions Athletes Need to Answer to Take Their Recruiting to the Next Level

Don’t let this happen to you

Too many high school athletes only start to consider their sports recruiting options when their teammates or friends begin to take college visits or correspond with college coaches. Questions to Athletes Should Answer to Improve Recruiting Senior year is when we begin to see the panic in athletes and their families because they have done nothing to increase their chances of being recruited, nor have they expressed any interest in colleges they hope to attend.

Athletes waiting around, not researching colleges that they would like to attend will not be happy with the options they are left with. Taking some time each year of high school to move forward in your recruitment will only increase your chances of finding that perfect fit.

Start right now

Here are some simple questions you can begin to ask yourself to make sure you will be on the right recruiting path:

  1. How bad do you want to play sports in college?
  2. What is your dream school?
  3. What is your dream school if you are unable to compete? Is it the same or different?
  4. What colleges will you be happy to attend?
  5. Are you willing to increase your recruiting chances, by communicating with coaches from all division levels?
  6. Will you be open to being a walk-on athlete?

If you are ready and able to answer these college-bound questions you will be better equipped to take on the challenge of getting recruited.

There is more to getting recruited than knowing what you want

Getting recruited is about student-athletes who are proactive, and ready to do all they can to find the right college team to compete for. Sure, you have a dream school in mind, but what happens when you don’t even come close to meeting the athletic or academic requirements for that college?

Answer: You are going to need a back-up plan

There are thousands of recruits out there striving to play college sports at an NCAA division I school, but will they have what it takes to make it through the recruitment process? This is where the most persistent and hardworking athletes will gain the upper hand; once you are willing to dedicate your time to learning the ins and outs of college recruiting you will have a much greater chance of getting offered a spot to play on the college team on your list.

If you have more questions about being successful in your recruitment, than leave a comment below or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Are you ready for the NEXT STEP!