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Why The College-Bound Athlete Must Take The Initiative In The Recruiting Process

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Sometimes aspects of life don’t make sense until you engross yourself in a situation. In college recruiting, for example, if you’re in middle school or a high school parent, every bit of recruiting advice you’ve been given to this point may not make much sense. On the other hand, if you are actually living the experience as a student-athlete or parent, said advice might have a welcome ring to it.

Start Early

If you’re thinking about starting your college recruiting as a senior you’re WAY TOO LATE. College coaches start evaluating freshman for some sports which leaves you little time to impress when your competition has had a 2-3 year head start.

Be Persistent and Dedicated

In today’s college market expenses are high and competition is stiff. Every coach knows you want a scholarship but who’s really willing to work for one? Sending one email isn’t enough any more as college coaches are bombarded with hundreds of emails a week from student-athletes. Try standing out from the crowd and showing initiative by picking up the phone and calling a coach instead of waiting to hear back via email.

Become Educated on the School and Coach

If you’re given the opportunity to speak with a coach you’ll only have a limited time to impress them. Don’t be the athlete who has Mom and Dad speak for you and don’t be the athlete who just says, “I want a scholarship.”

If you’re contacting a coach, whether by email or phone, you’d better know exactly why you’re contacting them beyond scholarship intentions. Be able to speak with the coach about their team, program, facilities, coaching history, playing history, the area surrounding the university, campus life and ACADEMICS. Remember, you’re trying to create a lasting impression with your first impression so do some research.

Take Visits

Just as Bill Wells showed in his article, “College visits confirm belief: high school athlete must take first step in college recruiting process”, some of the best education you can receive is in person. It’s hard to get a real feel for a college or university, coach, or program via the internet or phone. Don’t be afraid to take a weekend trip to a college you have interest in. Make sure when planning a visit to let a member of the coaching staff and an academic advisor know so that you might be able to meet with them and discuss your future at their school.

Bill Wells, High School Parent

Through his experience, Bill now has a better understanding of what we preach every day here at College Sports Scholarships–an ability to be self-reliant through the recruiting process. The time to sit around was yesterday, the time to START COLLEGE RECRUITING is TODAY.

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