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How to find the contact information for college coaches


contact college coachesGetting Contact Information

In this video we show the process and some of the necessary steps you can use when trying to locate the contact information for college coaches around the country. It’s important to understand that for some colleges this contact information is more readily available than for others. There is the possibility that you might have to do some deeper digging into some program’s athletic or academic websites to locate the exact information you’re seeking, but most importantly you should understand that the contact information is out there and it’s FREE.

If you watch this video and decide that your time is better spent working on another aspect of your recruiting process it’s important to know there are many websites around the internet that will list the contact information for coaches in different sports. Please be advised that if this is your route then you will find that there are free sites while others are fee based.

Which School?

The first and most important step in finding a coach’s contact information is determining which school you would like to research. Hopefully by the time you are sitting down to research contact information you’ve found a particular school or list of schools you like. The school we chose to highlight first is the University of South Florida.

Start in Google or another search engine.  It’s important to type in the name of the school followed by the term “Athletics”. We are searching for this particular school’s athletic department website so this is an important search criterion. Once the search is complete you should notice within the first few results the athletic department’s website–in this case we are looking for GoUSFBulls.com.

Enter the Website

If we open USF’s website we are going to notice a series of drop down menus which we need to start searching through. Each athletic department you research will have a slightly different webpage, but the key words we’re searching for will usually be the same.  The key words are “Athletics”, “Athletic Department”, “Links”, or “Staff Directory”.

Taking notice of those key words we notice that USF lists “Athletics” as a drop down menu. This would be my first choice as a place to start. Upon opening the menu we notice on the bottom right, the term “Staff Directory”. Clicking on the link it takes us directly to all the contact information for every coach at USF and every person that works for USF’s athletic department.

Another Example

We repeated a similar search with Bethel College, an NAIA program, and found they listed their staff directory openly on the front page of their athletic website under the term “Links”. A more direct option is to list the term “Staff Directory” in your initial search. We did this when searching for McDaniel College. Our search read “McDaniel College Athletics Staff Directory” and the first result was a direct link to the college directory. This is sometimes the best way to directly search out a college coach that you’re interested in contacting.

But not every college displays the contacts of the coaching staffs on their athletics pages. Sometimes we have to spend considerably more time searching for this information. This search is usually two-fold and requires visits to both the athletic site as well as the academic/admissions site.

For our video we highlighted the University of Florida and looked for their football coaches’ contact information. This required us to visit their football specific page found inside Gatorzone.com. We were searching for the key words “Roster” or “Coaches”. “Coaches” is usually the most direct link but coaching staffs are normally listed under “Rosters” as well. By searching through the “Coaches” link we can find the name of the coach we are looking for.

Tracking Down a Specific Coach

For the purpose of this video we choose Offensive Coordinator Brent Pease. Now that we have the coach’s name we have to search the academics/admissions website for the contact information. This requires a new Google search of “University of Florida Staff Directory”. Notice that we chose to leave out the term “Athletics” because we are not looking for the athletics website. Within the first few results will be a link to the staff directory for the entire university and filling out the appropriate blank with the name “Brent Pease” leads us directly to his contact information.

As we have shown you, there are many different ways to find the contact information for coaches around the country. We have also shown that although all of the contact information is readily available this process can be time consuming.  You should only start the process once you’ve determined exactly which schools you’d like to contact and have the proper information to give them.

If you have any questions to further your new understanding on how to contact coaches please use the comments section below or you can always contact us via Facebook and Twitter.

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