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The Real Cost Of An Athletic Scholarship

(Part two in a two-part series) How Important is it to Compete at the College Level? If you read my article, The True Cost of Playing Sports in College, you know that I gave up a college football scholarship offer, in part, because I didn’t want to go into debt. Since I had an academic scholarship […]

Are You Filming for Memories or Sports Highlights?

Pros vs. Joes  Begin with the ‘end in mind’. It’s a pretty simple, yet concise phrase that good producers and videographers use when shooting a project. We start with thinking about the object of the video and what the project will look like when it’s completed. The same can’t always be said by parents or non-professionals when they’re […]

Five Keys to Getting a Volleyball Scholarship

Take Your Game to The Next Level Looking to take your game to the collegiate level? Do you think you have what it takes? I’ll give you some key pointers on getting a college volleyball scholarship and things to consider when making recruiting decisions. Just Like Applying for a Job There are multiple aspects to […]

Basketball Recruiting Secrets

Engage in the Process As a coach and basketball trainer a question I often hear from players and parents is “When should we start the recruiting process?” This is a valid question, as competition for those basketball scholarship dollars is growing each year, and the athletic budgets of many schools are being greatly reduced. The […]

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