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Do You Really Want To Be a College Athlete

Many athletes spent the last couple of weeks watching the world’s best athletes competing against each other at the Olympic Games in London. You can’t help but be in awe of their talent, dedication, and passion for what they do on the world level. For everyone else, this is a very inspiring spectacle of athletic […]

The Right & Wrong Way to Email College Coaches

You’ve all heard by now that the best way to get your recruiting process started is to reach out to college coaches. By getting in contact with college coaches first, you aren’t waiting around for them to contact you, which is unlikely to happen in the first place. You are taking control of your recruiting and you […]

Sand Volleyball Recruiting May not be a Day at the Beach

Many NCAA schools had their first official sand volleyball season this past year. Sand volleyball is a new NCAA sport with programs in the Division I and II levels, as well as NAIA. By offering sand volleyball as a new sport, there are more opportunities for volleyball players to play in college. There are just […]

Even Olympians have their own Recruiting Story

Everyone has their unique recruiting experience; they have their own story about how they started the process, how they survived the process, and how they ended up choosing the right college. We enjoy hearing and sharing all types of recruiting stories; not just because they are great stories –at least most of them, but because […]

How to Use Facebook to Get Recruited

The ever-changing recruiting process introduces new ways for recruits and coaches to get in contact. Proactive recruits try their best to get ahead of other athletes by reaching out to coaches as soon as possible, while coaches are becoming more active on social media sites, hoping to connect with potential prospects better. This is just the nature […]

Three Steps to Kick-start Your Recruiting and Make it Better

Taking the next step in recruiting is just as challenging as making the decision to play sports in college. If you have the drive to continue competing at a higher level, then you must prepare to follow through with necessary steps it takes to find a scholarship. Choosing the right college Having hundreds of colleges […]

6 Questions Athletes Need to Answer to Take Their Recruiting to the Next Level

Don’t let this happen to you Too many high school athletes only start to consider their sports recruiting options when their teammates or friends begin to take college visits or correspond with college coaches. Senior year is when we begin to see the panic in athletes and their families because they have done nothing to […]

Why You Should Start Your College Recruiting Early

High school athletes are faced with a lot of pressure when it comes to planning out their college path. They are expected to begin thinking about where they want to go to college, what they want to study, and where they plan to work after college. To say that’s not a lot to consider as […]

Is Middle School too Early to Start College Recruiting?

A lot of thought goes into the college recruiting process. As a recruit you and your family need to consider multiple scenarios and situations when it comes to finding your best college option.  Student-athletes who are not the top recruits in the country will need to realize their recruiting will be much more involved.  It’s […]

Get Recruited Now: Do Not Get Caught in the Waiting Game

There are still Recruiting opportunities out there for you If you have waited and waited for college coaches to contact you and offer you a spot on their team with no avail, then you need to consider taking another approach to recruiting. Scratch that- you NEED to take another approach. Once you’re ready to move […]

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