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Get Recruited Now: Do Not Get Caught in the Waiting Game

There are still Recruiting opportunities out there for you

If you have waited and waited for college coaches to contact you and offer you a spot on their team with no avail, then you need to consider taking another approach to recruiting. Scratch that- you NEED to take another approach.

Once you’re ready to move forward in your recruiting, you will need to get in touch with college coaches immediately. Do not just pick up the phone and start calling every college coach; instead, get your sports resume together, have a plan, and make an introduction. Depending on the level you plan to participate in and the availability of the coach, you may or may not hear back from them. You may have to follow up with them several days after your initial contact if you don’t get a response.

Open up opportunities

Make it a priority to check in with coaches at colleges you have already applied to. Walk-on recruits are typically ones who have been accepted or are already enrolled in the university. Walking-on can be the boost you are looking for. Walking-on basically means you will be trying-out for the team. If you make the cut during try-outs you will be asked to be a part of the team. Playing at the college level is a wonderful opportunity, and walking-on could be your ticket to earning scholarship money down the road.

When you need to register with the Eligibility Center

Once you have made the team you will need to register with the given eligibility center; NCAA or NAIA. Registering with the eligibility center is what each athlete playing at the NCAA division I & II along with NAIA will need to do to be officially cleared to play at the given level. NCAA division III and NJCAA student-athletes will not need to register with an eligibility center, instead, they will need to meet the requirements of the college they plan to attend.

Earning a scholarship

Being a walk-on player means you were able to showcase your skills to the coaching staff during try-outs. Most walk-on athletes are not eligible for an athletic scholarship because the scholarship money is already allocated to players who were recruited earlier. This does not mean players cannot receive athletic funding; it’s highly unlikely if they are a walk-on, but not impossible. Most walk-on athletes will be able to gain athletic scholarships the following season; ultimately it is up to the college coach to allocate scholarship funds.

Trying out as a walk-on will be a good option for athletes who want to be a part of the team. If you have other questions about how to get recruited as a walk-on athlete than leave your question below or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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