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The Right & Wrong Way to Email College Coaches

You’ve all heard by now that the best way to get your recruiting process started is to reach out to college coaches. By getting in contact with college coaches first, you aren’t waiting around for them to contact you, which is unlikely to happen in the first place. You are taking control of your recruiting and you help determine where you will end up at college.

After you’ve done a school search and determined the list of schools you are interested in, written your resume to send to coaches, and finalized your highlight video, you are then ready to email college coaches. Believe it or not, there are right and wrong ways of emailing coaches; do you know what they are?

Here is an email that got sent to us from a prospect looking to contact college coaches. His mistakes are marked in red, correct approaches were marked in green.

The Right and Wrong Way to Email Coaches

In short, here are the do’s and don’ts when emailing college coaches:


  • Personalize each email for each coach with a cover letter
  • Include important information like your jersey # and your upcoming schedule
  • Make sure you have functioning links to your profile and highlight video
  • Express interest in their program as well as their school

  • Send a mass email to several coaches, especially where they can see who else you have sent it to (i.e. a cc’d email list)
  • Put photos in the body of the email or attached to the email; it makes it less likely to make it to a coach’s inbox
  • Forget to include your resume with the appropriate athletic and academic information that they need to know

The Right & Wrong Way to Email Coaches

If you need help emailing coaches or if you have questions about any part of the recruiting process, just leave comment below or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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