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Use a Great Cover Letter to Get Recruited

The most important part about communicating with college coaches is providing them with information they will be interested in. You do not want to bore coaches with meaningless lines of communication and you do not want to bug them. You want to WOW them, right?

Do this by providing them with valuable information about yourself which will help you get recruited.

Think of recruiting as if you were applying for a job; you want to like the place you are going to work, you want to make a good first impression, and you need to meet the job qualifications. Get how the two are similar? As the recruit you want to go to a college you like, you need to make a good first impression so coaches will want to contact you, and you need to have the athletic and academic skills to make it to the college program.

So you have done your research

You know what the eligibility requirements are for your top schools and you meet or exceed them, you have researched all the programs and know the coaches names and some basic team and background information. It sounds like you are ready to reach out and talk with coaches.

What to send College Coaches

The cover letter: This is the beginning section of your first email to coaches. It is here that you give a proper salutation to the coach; “Dear Coach Smith” or “Coach Anderson” what you do not want to do is start off with “Dear Coach,” “Coach,” “Dear Sir,” “To whom it may concern.” These are all impersonal ways of communicating and it sends a message to coaches that you did not even research enough to know their full name.

Begin the rest of the section with information you know or have learned about the team- “Congrats on the big win against SC last week” or “I was able to attend the game last season and am familiar with the offense you run.” This will show the coach you are knowledgeable about the team.

Finish your cover letter with your strong points. If your grades and test scores are above average start discussing them. Talk about your training, any awards or records you have or other sports moments which distinguish you from other recruits.

Keep in mind that coaches are being bombarded with the same type of information from recruits from across the country so make sure you make your resume stand out.

The information you include in your cover letter needs to be from you. The way to stay original is to make it come from you and you alone. Of course you should ask for help and assistance from you parents, teachers and even coaches, especially, when it comes time to proof read. Remember, it’s all about making that great first impression.

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