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The Easiest Way To Speak With College Coaches

Introduce Yourself to College CoachesThe most important part of the recruiting process can be summed up into one essential item; getting in contact and building relationships with college coaches. Many recruits come to us asking how to get recruited and begin to explain that they have had no college coaches or college scouts contact them or attend any of their games.

The truth is it’s up to the recruit to make contact with college coaches

Potential sports recruits have lots of added pressure when making their decision on where to attend college, including, performance in their sport, keeping up with their grades, and to get their name out to college coaches. It’s no wonder most get burnt out and don’t make it through a successful recruiting process.

Keep in mind college coaches, especially ones at smaller less known schools have limited budget for their recruiting; they have to rely on recruits finding them. This is why it is important to get your name and information out to college coaches early in your recruitment.

How early is too early?

We recommend you begin contacting college coaches during your tenth grade year. This way you will have some sense of where you want to play, what division level you will be aiming for and what you will want to major in.

In order for college coaches to see the type of player you are you will need to send them the right information. They will need to know all about you, including your grades, playing experience and teams you have participated on. Another great way to get their attention is to send them current video. This will allow them to easily access your level and see if you will be a good match for their program.

You may not hear from them right away

College coaches are busy people, even at smaller colleges. They will not always have the time to reply to a potential recruits email and they certainly will not waste their time on replying to mass emails; addressed to hundreds of college coaches at a time. Make sure you are sending coaches personalized information regarding why you are interested in their program and details and to what drew you to their program.

Another reason coaches will not be able to reply to potential recruits is due to NCAA division I and NCAA division II recruiting time periods. These time periods are strict, in a sense, coaches must follow through and only talk with recruits during specific NCAA specified times or they risk being penalized in their future recruiting ventures.

Not all colleges are bound to the recruiting time periods

NCAA division III, NAIA and junior college coaches have less restrictive recruiting periods of when they can talk with coaches. Being able to talk to college coaches is a great way to get feedback and ask for advice. Don’t feel restricted on the division level you choose instead, reach out to college programs you are truly interested in and want to play for.

If you have more questions about getting in touch with college coaches than leave a comment below of connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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