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The Big Question: How Do I Contact College Coaches?

Contacting College CoachesDon’t Be Late

Of all the recruiting questions we receive, the most common deal with contacting college coaches. This is a major dilemma for senior high school athletes, many of whom come to realize this too late in the recruiting process.

You Can Initiate Contact with a Coach

Many athletes already in their senior year contact us asking why coaches have not found them or contacted them directly since their season concluded. They often proceed to explain that they were misinformed by a high school coach or administrator who told them that they are not allowed to contact college coaches until their senior year or until they register with the NCAA eligibility center.

This is simply not true. Student-athletes who were misinformed have lost valuable time they should have been using to reach out to college coaches either through email or phone conversations.

If you don’t know the coach then they don’t know you or your athletic

When Can You Begin to Email Coaches?

Student-athletes are allowed to email college coaches whenever they would like. This does not mean that you should send coaches generic emails that explain how you’ve performed in every game you’ve played since you were five. What it does mean is that you have a way to contact college coaches and make a good first impression, even if it is by email or phone. Keep in mind that some NCAA regulations only permit coaches to contact recruits during certain recruiting periods.

How to Email Coaches

Take time to determine what you would say to these coaches and what your intentions are in contacting them. Make sure that you’re serious about wanting to be a part of their program and email each coach directly. Don’t contact college coaches by sending mass emails. Coaches will see this and be less than thrilled, and chances are your email that was supposed to help you get in contact with coaches will only end up being deleted.

It’s Okay to Keep Trying

Making sure that college coaches will respond can prove to be challenging. College coaches are busy individuals because they are preparing for their regular season play or because they are organizing their strategies for the up and coming recruiting class. In either case, student-athletes need to set a good impression and send appealing and relevant material to coaches if they want to hear back from them.

If you have further questions about emailing or contacting college coaches, then please leave a comment below or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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