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What a College Coach Needs to Know About You

Contacting College CoachesWe all know that the secret of recruiting is being proactive and letting the coaches know about yourself….but when you are making that initial contact what should you tell them? Think about it like a job interview, you are applying for a “job” on their team. You have to be clear with your talents, the reasons you want to go to their school and why you would be an asset to their team.

Your first contact should be made by e-mail, you can find the coaches email addresses on each school’s athletic websites. When you send your email you will want to include several pieces of information.

Cover letter: Explain why you are interested in their school and program; make sure to include your talents as a student and a athlete. This should be written as a letter to the coach to get them to let them get to know you better.

Resume: You will want to include things like; name, contact info, parents contact info, date of birth and graduation Year and physical attributes.If you have a game or skills tape attach a link to the video in the resume again. Include your High School & Club Team Recognitions as well as future events, games or competitions. You will need to also let the coach know about your academic goals and standings. Start with information like High school and contact info, GPA, class rank, SAT/ACT scores and AP/Honors classes. Make sure you include your NCAA eligibility center number if you have registered already. Coaches will also want the contact information for your club and high school coaches so they can speak to them about your character and work ethic. Make sure to also include your best times/stats that are relevant to your sport.

Once you make the initial contact with the coaches you will want to make sure to follow up with them and keep them up to date with any improvements or with upcoming camps and events you have so they have the opportunity to watch you compete in person. Recruiting is a gentle balance of being informative and proactive but don’t become a pain or overbearing. Treat it like applying for a job; be professional, respectful and positive.

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