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Three Tips to Academic Excellence

Athletes work incredibly hard to perform their best on the field, the court, and in the pool. They train, practice, and compete to be able to participate in their favorite sport at a high level. When you are an athlete in high school, you have even more stuff to juggle.

In between homework, essays, projects, and exams, student athletes have to work to balance both their student and athletic lives. Being able to master the balancing act is crucial to your success in high school. And your success in high school, both academically and athletically, will help determine whether or not you can get recruited.

There are too many athletes who just assume that their athletic talents will land them a huge scholarship. They fail to recognize that being a student-athlete means you are a student first, and an athlete second. To be eligible to compete at the college level, you need to meet the academic requirements to be accepted to the school.

Your grades and SAT/ACT scores are as equally important as your sports stats and athletic skills. College coaches won’t be interested in someone who doesn’t perform in the classroom and only relies on their athletic talents to get them through school.

Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your academics:

Get Organized

Being able to keep your school work organized will help ensure that you won’t miss an assignment or test because you forgot or it got lost. You should make a calendar for your classes and make sure to write down everything that is due and when you need to study for a test.

Get Help

Your high school offers great resources for you if you are struggling in school. If you find you are having difficulty keeping up with school work, or you need extra help understanding a certain subject, make sure you take advantage of a tutor or you ask your teachers more questions. It is much harder to catch up after falling behind, so avoid it if you can!

Get Serious

Your grades determine where you will be able to go to college, and college has a huge impact on your entire future. Don’t take your school decision lightly, especially if you are looking to get recruited to play college sports. College coaches take grades seriously and only want athletes who also do well in class. You should recognize the importance of your education because most of you won’t be playing sports in the pros, which means your degree will help you establish a career in something other than sports.

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